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Random Musings on Food, Nature, and Culture from Our One Month Stay in California

Hello! We are on an extended stay in SF Bay Area, California, and it's been more than a month since we came. While my husband is working, I take my 3.5 year old daughter (and the baby of course) to explore new places around the area. Life is a bit more hectic but we love it just the way it is. Here are some random musings of our lives these past month:

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Recipe: Orange Carrot Muffins Using Carrot Juice Pulp and Almond Pulp

These orange carrot muffins are so delicious and soft. The freshly squeezed orange juice in these muffins make them so fragrant and moist. This recipe may just be my all-time favorite. Best of all, it uses my leftover organic carrot juice pulp that I don't have the heart to throw and leftover almond pulp from making almond milk. 

Find the recipe here:

#muffin   #recipe   #almondpulp   #carrotpulp  

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Effects of Positive Ions and Negative Ions on Human Health

Have you heard about positive and negative ions and how they affect our health and well-being? 

Do you know that breathing negative ions in significant concentration improves our mood, energy, and overall health, while too much exposure to positive ions will make us depressed, distressed, and our bodies to be overloaded with toxins?

Here are ways we can increase our exposure to negative ions. You may just find yourself healthier and happier. :)

#ions   #natural   #negativeions  

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My Second Pregnancy and a Birth Story: VBAC
A personal journal of my second pregnancy and birth story. I hope you find this post encouraging.

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Have you used calendula oil or salve? Its moisturizing and healing properties are what make this salve special. And it is safe and gentle even on the most sensitive skin. It is easy to make your own. But if not, I highly recommend the calendula salve by Four Cow Farm - 100% Natural Baby Skincare. They are giving us a special 10% discount on their balms and oils for Pasture Living readers this month. Enjoy!

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Celebrating Advent: Advent Devotionals

The word “advent” means "arrival" or "coming" in Latin. It relates sepcifically to the coming of the Christ at the incarnation. Advent is celebrated starting four weeks leading up to Christmas - the day we set aside to remember the birth of the Messiah. It is a time to prepare our hearts for the Savior – making room for and receiving Him with joy, humility and gratitude into our lives.

It's not too late to start advent this year. There are plenty of online resources to do Christ-centered advent devotionals and activites to do with the kids. But here is a devotional I did last year as I learned deeper about Jesus.

Lessons From the Desert: A 25 Day Devotionals

#advent   #devotional   #christmas  

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What is Olive Leaf Extract and Probiotics Alternative

I know it is important to take care of our gut by consuming probiotic-rich foods, but not growing up with foods such as yogurt and fermented foods makes it hard for me to consume them regularly. If you are like me, maybe this is worth a try.

#probiotics   #oliveleafextract  

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Have you heard or used baobab oil? This oil is nutrient rich and is specially moisturizing for dry skin. Now that I know about it, I personally like it better than jojoba oil and coconut oil. Learn what is baobab oil, how it is made, and its uses:

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DIY Dried Lavender Potpourri Pouches

Thinking of what to make for party favors that's homemade, easy, and natural? I made these lavender potpourri pouches that can serve as an indoor natural air freshener and has many healing and calming effects on our body.

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My Sewing Journey

I started learning to sew three months before my daughter was born. I braved myself and bought a second hand sewing machine, not knowing anything about it and how to use it. Two years have passed, and with a lot of practice, I can say that it is never too late to learn a new skill, as long as we keep at it and persevere!

#sewing   #sewingprojects  
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