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I'm just some guy.


Hey, folks. I don't even know if this is possible to notice, but in case you observe me removing a +1 from any of your posts, please don't take offense. With the announcement that Google Plus is shutting down next year, I decided to go through the defacto filing system that I used the pluses for and make copies and/or bookmarks of ideas, people, and art that interested me throughout my time here. And it's far easier to start from the top / most recent and just work my way back down through the years.

So no diss intended. Just hoping to archive the tons of inspirational stuff that I encountered on this network before it slips away.
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My campaign now has had the PCs on the purple planet for slightly longer than their starting time on their home world. As they ventured into the Ancestor Peaks, I decided it was a prime place to put in a reskinned version of “Death Frost Doom” from LotFP. The Duvan’ku became one of the old Houses of the Ascended Masters. And then the interiors and crypt undead all were festooned with Resident Evil style lab rooms long abandoned and/or a 40k Necron vibe.

One of the giant green stones was in the Sacred Parasite’s body. Which they retrieved, escaped with past the cemetery dead (some casualties) and then later comically lost due to a random encounter with a scintillating moth. Boom. Explosion.

They’ve now gone back inside to explore further, claiming to be the Awakeners foretold in artifacts like the magic painting. And seem intent on finding more green shards or another stone that they assume have to be down there. BSing their way as being descendants of the House in a far flung future the cyber undead seem taken aback by.

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This has been my miniature painting playlist as of late. It’s helped me stay in a groove.
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I’ve populated the Ancestor Peaks (and elsewhere?) with roving bands of feral Kith, based on a mention or two in the material. I’ve described them as being more human looking than your standard Kith. More Trek Next Gen alien like, I guess.

I was wondering what to give them as a mechanical quirk. Or how to further explore their society. Any ideas, brain-trust?

I don’t suppose anybody knows of some expanded encounter tables for the Purple Planet? Whether for the hex crawl aspect or as a general tool? I’m thinking of something that incorporates the creatures / beings from the larger Companion book.

Alternatively, anybody want to hash out here the frequency of appearance of things like the shardmole?

Hey, fellow DCC enthusiasts. Picking people's brains re: how they handle Luck. Specifically on two points...

1.) I've been running Luck as being a fixed stat per character w/ very occasional Luck attribute changes being for major accomplishments or egregious errors when dealing with the cosmic players. I.e. If you rolled a 12 it's going to be a 12 for awhile. Possibly forever.

But then I try to give out Luck rewards semi-regularly for minor jobs done in sessions. To refuel the tank back to max and encourage ppl. to consider using their points.

Prior, I'd assume that only your Birth Augur Lucky Roll stayed fixed despite the Luck fluctuations. But I feel like some ppl. run it as your original 3d6 rolled Luck stat mod stays same in spite of Luck spending. E.g. A +2 stays that way. You just lose your bonus points over time and maybe get targeted for crappy scenarios or by monsters more often.

But, that mod gets applied to Crits, and fumbles, etc. Which can have a big impact on your survivability if it stayed consistently good. So is the mod temporal or fixed beyond the birth augur element? Just trying to get a sense of others' games here.

2.) Am I being a picky Judge if I tell my warrior that his unlucky weapon has to come out of the warrior's trained weapon list? He chose garrotte (as he'd have a negative mod), but to me that seemed contrary to the spirit of what I was reading. Thoughts?

Hey everybody. My players are fairly close to exploring "The People of the Pit" and I was wondering if anybody had any tips on running it, sections to reread, stories to share with me, etc.?

SPOILERS for the module seem likely in this thread...

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June/July acquisitions

I am really enjoying Michael Shea's In Yana for its full-on Vancian picaresque. Fans of the Cugel books should check this out (and A Quest for Simbilis for that matter).

We (as in the Gee Plus Nerd Massive) were talking about mana systems the other day, and the subject of Niven's The Magic Goes Away came up, so now I'm doing important research over here.

I admit to having a pile of unread Delany books, but I can't stop now.

The bottom three were part of a lot, mostly purchased for the Titus Crow books.

+Jay Hassan
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I apologize if this has been asked of the community before but I was curious whether the bleeding out Stamina damage was meant to stack with the random ability damage from recovering the body?

Hey, everyone! First time posting in this forum. Am loving learning more about DCC as I read through the book and some modules I've picked up at random over the years. Have run four session so far. Lots of fun! Really digging in.

Wanted to pick Judges' brains about "Intrigue at the Court of Chaos". Possible SPOILERS?

So much of the game defers to personal preference, but I'd still like to hear some other interpretations on how they ran the entities' rewards / missions.

Firstly, do you think the rewards being offered by each being are suggested as a lump collection of stuff or am I being encouraged to pick ONE of these to offer to a PC? I'm thinking the latter.

Secondly, has anybody had a scenario where two (or more) separate PCs get visited by the same being, hashed out on their own later whom they got visited by, and then worked together to bring the egg to that entity? An alliance even as chaos is being sowed in the group? And did they each get a reward or is that really contrary to what these otherworldly things might do? To me, it seems like they'd still ultimately want the egg and be cool with PCs doing this, even though I'd not explicitly have the entity spell this idea out for the players.

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