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Andrei Voinescu

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Battle Report pre-Yavin
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Hi David,

I forgot to mention this, I noticed it a long time ago. Gunner and Luke Skywalker crew are allowed on Epic ships now.

Regarding Collection Control:
  * Damage deck is 54 cards
  * Ship bases are Medium or Small
  * Pegs are different, maybe you can differentiate? (CR90 pegs are different from Gladiators for instance)

Some ideas:
  * some way to rearrange items in list, or at least have the ships before the squadron before the objectives.
 * objectives sorted by type and then by name
 * a separate counter for squadrons
 * red marker on items that exceed my collection, like the Squads Designer

The app is fantastic as it is though, the best around right now (web + mobile).

I had a list with a "ghost" CR90a (extra 44pts), had to delete the list and start over. Can't reproduce it, though.

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More repaints! Getting the hang of this... TIE Phantom with decloaking effect and TIE Advanced with black and highlights (for flying Vader - and yes I know his ship wasn't black in the movies ...)
X-Wing repaints
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More X-Wing repaints!
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Top Gear-like commercial for a Star Citizen ship:
Galactic Gear Reviews the Origin M50
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