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Alex Xu

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UAE Minister of Energy, DEWA, Dubai Supreme Council of Energy. ALL at Intersolar 19-21 Sep
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Alex Xu

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Solar thermal is the main solar technology in the world

Developments in the solar market continues with strong growth worldwide. In many countries, the focus has for years been associated with solar cells and this has a natural explanation in that solar cells are sold to many consumers with cabins where it has been difficult to get the power delivered from the grid provider. In addition, some large companies like REC, Elkem Solar and others contributed to attracting much media coverage because financial markets and financial newspaper have had particular interest in reviewing these companies and shares.
Solar thermal converts a much larger part of the solar radiation at the earth's surface, and thus contribute also with much higher energy conversion to heat tap water and buildings.
Solar cells convert barely more than 10% of the sun's energy into usable electricity, while solar thermal convert up to 90% as usable heat.
In western world, more than 85% of the energy consumed is related to heating tap water and buildings. Then it will be sensible and economic to utilizing solar technology such as:
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Alex Xu

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Innovation takes teamwork. Sometimes that teamwork takes the form of companies, universities, or state and local governments collaborating together in novel ways. This can also occur through an “innovation cluster,” or a “regional center of innovation,” in which stakeholders come together to solve common problems. Recently, there has been increased focus on innovation clusters for energy projects. Substantial state and federal funds are being all...
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Alex Xu

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Russian airport operator Basel Aero, which is part of Russian financial conglomerate Basic Elements, is planning additional installations of solar collectors at airports managed by the company in Anapa, Gelendzhik and Krasnodar near the Black Sea, according to a March 2016 press release.
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Alex Xu

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Solar district heating has enjoyed increasing attention from all across Europe and China, triggered by Denmark's enormous growth rates in the field. Until the end of last year, the Scandinavian country had seen 577 MW of solar thermal power fed into 79 district heating networks mostly run by ...
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Alex Xu

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Seldom in industrial evolution do momentous changes occur rapidly, especially in industries like electricity that have been stable for decades. In electricity, we are at the brink of just such an inflection point. For students of industrial mutation, this is ‘whoopee’ time. Curiously, business schools and the economics profession appear to ignore the tectonic shifts.
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Alex Xu

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Based on the highly successful conference in Saudi Arabia, Joint Forces for Solar is proud to present the 4th PV Briefing & Networking Forum Middle East!

Under the session title “Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 - All Signs Point Towards Industry Takeoff”, our highly interactive and content-driven conference session will touch base on the hot topics and burning questions currently impacting development of the Saudi Arabian solar market.

Join us on September 21th from 10:00am-2:00pm and benefit from latest expert insights on the future of the solar market in Saudi Arabia while networking with leading solar players along the entire solar value chain.
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Alex Xu

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Profitieren Sie durch eine Partnerschaft mit uns. Wir sind Ihr kompetenter und erfahrener Fachberater im Bereich Solarthermie, Solaranlagen und vieles mehr.
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Alex Xu

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In April 2016, British company SolarCool Energy put into operation its largest SolarCool system, which was installed on the roof of Chingford Fruit's processing plant (see photo) in Dartford Kent, UK. Fifty-four retrofitted vacuum tube collectors totalling 160 m² have since reduced the power ...
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Alex Xu

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In June, the UK electorate voted to leave the European Union. Now, the question is: will the UK’s departure be a “Soft Brexit” or a “Hard Brexit” and what will be the impact for the renewables industry?
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Alex Xu

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Typically, the number of jobs in the global solar heating and cooling industry is based on general assumptions and fragmentary extrapolations. The authors who publish the two annual studies on these job numbers have tried each year to improve upon the database – with success, although they still ...
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