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Q: What conditions do chiropractors treat?
A: Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) are especially well-known for their effectiveness with patients suffering from head, neck and back pain, but their expertise does not end there. Chiropractors care for patients of all ages, with a variety of health conditions, injuries, and musculoskeletal disorders.
If you have a problem that has not been resolved call a chiropractor, call me, never give up.
Dr. Marty D.C.
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Customize your nutritional regime with Muscle Response Analysis testing.
Call Dr. Marty today 303-989-6165
1880 S. Pierce St. #5
Lakewood, CO.
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By the way Bill needs a chiropractor and CBD
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I have been studying and researching medical marijuana, hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) since medical marijuana was made legal in Colorado. I may not be the foremost expert on the subject but I keep study. Hemp, cannabidiol (CBD) will affect the health of the United States if we can get the word out. I'm not a big conspiracy guy but there are forces in the United States and the healthcare industry desperately trying to keep this a secret. If you're curious just a search CBD or call me at 303-989-6165.
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