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This past month I wrote up a few articles on Electric Skateboards.

How many traditional skateboarders want to make the switch to electric or want to do both?

1. Yes
2. No
3. Get the Heck Out Of Here

It seems like Electric Skateboards are going to be huge and hopefully much cheaper in the coming years. There is lots of competition that hopefully will drive down prices.

#ElectricSkateboards #ElectricBoard #Skateboards #commuteroption #commuting

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Evolve Skateboards Review

What makes this board special
1. Can accept 2 types of wheels for 2 types of terrain
2. Can travel up to 31 miles on one battery charge
3. Has the best remote controller available (Has a LCD).

#Electricskateboard #skateboard #commuter #commuting #Electricboard

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Boosted Board Review

Recently posted a review of the 2nd Generation Boosted Board

Big Take Aways:
1. Longer Battery Life
2. Better Remote Controller
3. Water Resistant

#Electricskateboard #skateboard #Review #boostedBoard #commuting #commuter #transport
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