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Moh. Bakri Amu

dengan tidak memamerkan diri,justru menjadikan engkau teladan,dengan tidak membenarkan diri,justru akan di benarkan,dengan tidak membanggakan diri,justru akan memperoleh pengakuan,dengan tidak menganggap diri tinggi,maka engkau tidak akan pernah jatuh.,.......

Sabda Rasulullah: seandainya hati anak adam tidak di penuhi syetan.maka setiap saat dia dapat melihat kerajaan ALLAH.

fatwa YMM Ayahanda: tidak akan sampai engkau ke alam masyahadah,tampa melalui alam majahaddah..

jika kita tidak mengubah diri dengan latihan rohani..kita tidak dapat menghindari karma kita sendiri..tempalah rohanimu,.. agar engkau menemukan kerajaan ALLAH di dlm kalbumu..barulah kita dapat mengasihi orang lain..

Rasulullah : "pekerjaan yang paling sulit diatas dunia ini menyebut kalimah La Illaha Illallah" 

kalau hanya menyebut-nyebut seluruh dunia dapat menyebutnya, tapi untuk menjadikan dzikir menjadi suatu energi yang tidak ada tolok bandingannya, haruslah diolah melalui tekhnologi Alquran yang terdapat dalam Tareqat yang haq. karena mustahil Islam akan bangkit tanpa tekhnologi sebagaimana negara tak akan bangkit tanpa tekhnologi.

Ilustrasi :
air dapat diolah dengan tekhnologi elektrolisa dengan memisahakn air yang mati dan kemudian menggabungkan oksigen dan hidrogen yang terdapat di dalam air dan di fakumkam kedalam tabung yang hampa kemudian di sulut api ternyata dapat menjadi bom atom yang dahsyat.
begitu juga dengan dzikir harus diolah dengan tekhnologi Alquran yang terdapat didalam Tareqat yang Haq, agar supaya dapat menjadi kekuatan dan senjata orang Mukmin hingga tidak ada yang dapat mengalahkan sepanjang masa

Agama Adalah Haqul Yaqin.... bukan hanya kepercayaan...!!!!

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RELIGION is NUR GOD itself in which there is that all-powerful GOD sentence should dipusakai believers who will not be in any dimension including the defeat by refusing apocalypse,

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Absoluteness IN RELIGIOUS
Hadeeth of the Prophet Muhammad:
"Al - Islaamu ya'luu yu'laa 'alaihi'.
  Islam is very high, nothing can surpass them.
  (Hadith narrated by Bukhari)
       In understanding the Hadith, it is clear that how great and high religion, but religion is why we can not prove his greatness? whereas the virulence of infinity, At-Tawheed Religion can be won all the time, but the power has been lost or faded as we feel today. Religious people will gradually fade as the lights are out of oil, of which religious symbols just stay its course which uphill continue while the energy / magical power has begun to disappear, and religion will eventually staying in name as well as being a mere human culture! because religion is understood in general, only a science of jurisprudence / social only.

        Essentially religion is Nur, a sentence contained therein GOD Almighty Way that can only be proven through the Bersilsilah Tariqatullah Method to To the Master Prophet Through Murshid, Tariqat / Sufism is the science of the very high and very deep, therefore it is difficult to understand Islam Religion laymen were much less in ancient times where the Scientific or Science (science) is not commonly held, this is where they infiltrate Orientalists to confuse and pitting and slander to destroy our fellow Muslims, they create false tariqat-tariqat misleading, and on that basis they discredit the whole tariqat including the Haq Tariqat Bersilsilah To the Messenger of Allah to the scholars wahabiyah tariqat menfatwakan that all is wrong and misguided, how powerful the Muslim losses for centuries! caused by orientalists who worked very cunning divide and destroy Islam leburkan very worth it!!.

Science Tariqat / Sufism is capable of vertically penetrate deep into the deepest layers of the Qur'an, which can open the veil of secret sentence under GOD through Nur Al-Islam - His. As explained in the Hadith Qudsi:
"La ilaha illallahu Aana wa huwa man waman qaalaha dakhala hishni hisniaamina min iqaabi".
Meaning: "La ilaha illa, it is the words, and He is I, who call the fort went into me, who get into my castle, terpeliharalah it from my torment"
       Dhikr is a technology that can produce energy from GOD sentence as the core of Al Qur'anul Karim to destroy Al-devil tough however, and this can only be achieved partly through his channel Haq recognized by GOD Almighty, through Spiritual wrong A selection of the Apostles His real presence Silsilanya rope! because only GOD Almighty frequency hidden therein are not infinite. The Messenger of Allah Himself should be a factor that is infinitely capable Nurun ala new Nurin Her Presence Bermunajad to GOD Almighty, infinite factor is given by the One Self, the Exalted infinite dimension as well. This is a very clear example that people will not get To GOD Almighty without any assistance of a legal tool infinite capacity, as the Word of God in Surat ash-Shura: 52:
"Wa min kazalika auhaina ilaika ruham amrina, ma Kunta tadri mall kitabu lal wa wa lakin imanu Ja'alnahu Nuran Nahdi bihi man nasya'u min 'ibadina, wa ila innaka latahdi siratim Mustaqim (in). '
Meaning: "As we lose To the Apostles Revelation others, as well as We revealed the Qur'an to you as a Mercy from Us. Whereas before, you do not know whether the Book of Al-Quran and Faith. But we make Nur and her We tunjuki on my chosen people among my servants. Precisely by Nur was you can leadeth people on the straight path. "
        The verse is explaining how notions Mursyid Murshid is actually Wasillah while it Arwahul Wasillah muqadasah (Spiritual) Rasullullah saw that has been implanted divine Nur and Nur Muhammad by GOD Almighty. As a via or channel and frequency to be able to guide us to the straight path. Murshid is not a person or a human being but Mursyid take place in Qalbu believer, as in the Hadith Qudsi explained: "I am Pleased at my Servant Heart believer that Gentle and Quiet". The believers in question is Waliyyam Mursyida. described in the hadith: "He (Waliyyam Mursyida) Jets continue Nurun ala Nurin the desired person GOD Almighty, because He is Almighty GOD apparatus, as well as the Messenger of Allah is the Almighty GOD first officer and he is the Successor of the Prophet task, as Caliph Caliph of Allah and the Apostle in truth as Al-Ulama - U Waratsatul An-Biya in truth, inner and outer body and spirit "(Reported by Al-Bazzar from Ibn Abbas).
In common understanding, the question often arises: why do we have to wear conductive Waliyyam Mursyida? God is not all-knowing, All-Seer? the sharia question very naturally happened, because they equate actual physical dimensions with the dimensions of the Almighty God invisibility. Supposedly if we want to truly know that God is All-Knowing and All-Seeing, shall we go to the same dimensions as the Isra and Mi'raj prophet SAW has done that has been entered in in the same dimension. The only dimension equal to GOD Almighty that we have is our spiritual.
The Word of God:
"Fa iza sawwaituhu wa fa nafakhtu fihi miR ruhi qa 'u lahu sajidin (a)"
Meaning: "So after I Refine he and I breathed in it most of my Spirit, and prostrate yourselves rebahkanlah To Him (Surah Al-Hijr: 29)

      As human physical and spiritual were very dirty and untouchable, and will not be able to meet God Almighty Holy exception, through an elected dissipation (Waliyyam Mursyida) are contained in the Spiritual "Nurun 'ala' nur (in) yahdillahu linurihi may yasya '(u). He (Waliyyam Mursyida) is not an end, but as a tool to get in on the dissipation of the same dimensions, namely spiritual nature.
The Word of God: "May yahdillahu fa wa huwal muntadi may yudlil Falan tajidalahu waliyyam mursyida". (Al-Kahf: 17).
It means: "He who was given instructions by GOD, he was the one who got the Directive, and who let astray, there is no one leader (Waliyyam Mursyida) to give instructions."

      So it is clear to us now every spirit that combines itself with the spiritual pedigree Mursyida Waliyyam Kamil again Mukammil the Khalis Mukhlisin will have Wabtaghuu Ilaihil Wasiilata (Wasilah that convey the Bermunajad To GOD swt). From Abu Yazid Al Busthami said: "He who does not exist syeikhnya (Waliyyam Mursyida) then surely the Satanic leader".
      To get the Almighty GOD Religion Science Haq, then we need to find and use the method that's right, as the Word of God: "O ye who believe! Bertaqwalah to God (referred dhikr and prayer), and find a way (wasillah) to get closer to to Him and strive in His way may you win (Surat Al-Maida: 35). That method is Tariqatullah containing Sciences Sufi Mysticism and Science to Improve the Islamic Shari'ah, because it is the Shari'a regulations, Tariqat is Execution, Reality is a state and Ma'rifat is the goal, the Word of the Holy Prophet: "Shari'a is words, it Tariqat reality of it is actions and behavior.
As His Word:
   "Yes ayyuhal ladzina ananudkhulku fis Silmi fanatic".
Meaning: "O ye Believers enter into Islam as a whole".

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