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Great read. 

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Great article about employee training programs. 

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Yay beach! 

There's sooooo much data about me on Google. Trying to delete outdated info, but can't seem to do it. Le sigh. At least it's only visible to me? I guess?

Do you use Google+ more than you use Facebook? Or, if you use G+, do you still even use FB at all? I'm curious. 

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Wow. What a fabulous list! I found at least five amazing new things I'd never heard of.

SO EXCITED to be working again. Three months off was wayyyy too much. And I couldn't be happier with my new gig @ZydecoMedia. #lucky

Who wants to be our food sponsor for next week's @net2no w/ @codeforamerica at @12BarNOLA? A food truck would rock! (Pls RT)

Getting ready to move my bed into the Bunker (my new apt. in the FQ), and OF COURSE they're filming something DIRECTLY in front of my house.

Yay! We're going to have a bunch of people at the @net2no Meetup next week. Looking forward to this one.
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