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Format changes...
I made a big/awesome decision the other day... Since becoming a huge fan of the 'booktube' side of Youtube earlier this year, and the fact that sitting down to write out a blog the old-fashioned way seems to take me ages to do, I've decided to try out a lit...

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july/august combo
How is it the ninth of August already, you guys? Seriously. We've had a busy few weeks around here, and the rest of the month looks to be much of the same. Birthdays, local festivals, and back to school to name just a few things cluttering up our calendar. ...

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plug it.
Ok, guys. I've thought long and hard, and finally come to this conclusion: if I can't shamelessly plug something on my own blog, then where else? There's this really rad indie mag from the UK that releases its' fourth issue later this month... And I still c...

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you guys, it's July!
It's July, you guys. You wouldn't know it here in Vestlandet, where we're bundled up in our rain gear and the children must play outside with their waterproof mittens and hats on. Counting the finishing of an audiobook, I managed to clear 8 reads during the...

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an untraditional june post...
Whoa, mama. June is officially half over, you guys. I cannot even believe it. I didn't intend to take an extended absence from blogging, but as you might have heard, my family and I moved just a couple of weeks ago, and the last month has been coconuts. Coc...

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hey hey its may
With no added frills, my darling readers, here is my May reads post...a monthly post in which I both estimate and simultaneously set a reading goal for myself for the coming month. I'll read these in order from top down the stack, and am nearly finished wit...

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the april wrap up
Can you believe it's already May?! Coconuts. During the month of April, I ended up reading seven books, plus a bonus Kindle exclusive corresponding with The Bone Season series... I had originally hoped to get through five books this past month, so hitting S...

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april reads...only ten days late.
So I though it would be fun to start doing post of the books I'm planning to read each month... and I'm only ten days late, y'all! :D Without further ado, my nightstand: Ok. So the little pile on the left of the night stand are the books I'm planning on fin...

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I first started blogging when I got married, packed up my life Stateside, and relocated to Norway. That was over six years ago. In the beginning and up until fairly recently, my blog posts revolved around local events and happenings, cultural observations f...

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wbd 2016
Did you know it's World Book Day? Well I dropped by because these amazing girls that I'm privileged to raise were excited about choosing their current favorite books to share with you all on the occasion: My Aurora chose the retelling of 'Rapunzel', written...
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