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Tshering Chekii commented on a post on Blogger. and dead bodies...come on Train to Busan cracked you up. We didn't choose civil engineering, it chose us. We are civil engineer by fate.

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Fighting Them
hours, I flipped the pages going deeper through the eyes of Toru Watanabe in Norwegian
Wood. I finally gave up to strained eyes and striking midnight. The fatigue
easily induced sleep. Long before I could process the thoughts or complain
about the night...

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Tshering Chekii commented on a post on Blogger.

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Savvy Time
She waited for him to
return for so long Savvy was the time, who
witnesses the futility of the wait Cruelty of the fate,
duality of the game played by thy love. The innocence perishes
with the betrayal The pain was sly with the veil
of hatred. Did her heart...

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Musing: Note to Self
usual emotional coaster ride in recent times had me thinking for so long and
ultimately knocked me with the revelations of the blessings in my life. Admittedly
I have had enough of complaining and whining, exaggerated the petty things and
started being ...

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A Cup of Tea
“A cup of tea.” I said.  “Anything else.” She asked.  “No, thanks. I just had a lunch.” I said. I looked into the diagonal pattern of
table cloths in red and white, stain from ezay was still there. Mental note to
self, if I open a restaurant, never to buy a...

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Of Writing
4/4/2016 Are you even worth the
time I spend thinking, staring, dreaming and falling in love with the idea of
you? I always have you in the deepest corner of my heart, rooted there,
claiming the space as if you own it. The thoughts of you sooth my soul like...

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Party With Anushka
“Do you want me to hang up?”
I heard him. Silence. Long silence. Again
silence. “Hey….what do you want me to
do?” He was exasperated. Silence. Silence. It was
cold outside. I didn’t want to lie and
couldn’t tell him the truth. The distance, abundance of sil...

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An Escape from Life
December, I quit both my job and relationship because I wasn’t happy. It made
sense in every way, I didn’t find a reason to live by compromising with my
happiness. I simply walked away from things that made me unhappy. I realized I am
good at walking a...

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Innate Calling
It’s been a while Since I lost my sanity Over your insanity to
immerse Myself, to feel more alive To breathe the scents of
paper To selfishly indulge myself For the call I always have
been waiting For the time, I always
wanted to come to you. It’s been a wh...
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