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Avignon: Les Halles
I can't resist  a French food market,
bursting with ripe fruit, a myriad of exotic cheeses and freshly baked breads. A
picnic put together at one of these markets and then eaten by the Eiffel Tower
in Paris or the seaside in Antibes would make a memorable t...
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Avignon: Street of the Dyers
At this
time of year when I look out the window and it’s cold, dark and dreary, I
really appreciate the uplifting effects of colour. And the vibrant print of a
Provencal fabric never fails to put a smile on my face. The vivid yellows, reds
and blues whisper...
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Roussillon, Village of Ochre
The  Lub e ron region
of Provence is a patchwork landscape of lush green vineyards; fields of
lavender and sunflowers; and charming villages
perch é s , perched villages. One of the most colourful is the village of Roussillon ,
which owes the warm hues of i...
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The Lavender Museum
One  of the many attractions for visitors to
Provence is lavender, a flower beloved for its tranquil purple hues as well as
its long-established medicinal properties and calming scent. Its tiny florets can
also be used to enhance the flavour of foods like b...
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The Lubéron: Peter Mayle's Provence
With his  1991 memoir A Year in Provence ,
Peter Mayle put this picturesque region in southeastern France on the radar of
travellers. Once I began reading his books I too dreamed of visiting Provence,
and all the beautiful photos I saw of endless rows of la...
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St. Rémy de Provence: Van Gogh's Asylum
One  of
the most productive periods of Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh’s life was the
time he spent in the south of France. He’d hoped to establish a community of
artists in the town of Arles with his friend, Paul Gauguin. Following an absinthe-fuelled
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Carrières de Lumières: Art in a Quarry
If  you
enjoy art and would like to experience creative talent in a unique environment,
consider a visit to a quarry dug deep into the foothills of the Alpilles
Mountains of Provence. Carri è res de Lumi è res is a venue for high tech multi-media
shows that...
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Market Day in St. Rémy
The  first day trip out of Avignon on week
two of our tour of southern France was to the town of St. Rémy de Provence . Our
visit was planned for Wednesday – market day. This lively Proven ç al market features not only heaps of local produce and pans of
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Avignon, City of the Popes
A few  years ago I had the opportunity to visit Avignon during a stop on a Rhone River
cruise through Provence. The annual Avignon Festival was on and a brisk mistral
wind was whipping through the streets –a whirlwind much like my visit. But last
summer I s...
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Aix-en-Provence: Cézanne's Hometown
The  city of Aix-en-Provence is the
mid-point between other major cities in the south of France. As such, both of my
visits there have been little more than brief lunch stops on the way to
somewhere else. The first time, while travelling from Arles to Monte...
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