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Today in the court of queens bench in Alberta Kathy preceded to use the avoid reality and turn on the fake tears but the judge wasn't fully buying it.

Kathy Dryden then was told by the judge to be quiet.

Kathy Dryden's father then proceeded to keep up his dangerous game of intimidation and bullying tactics , which the sheriff caught and protected the court and took Rick Dryden to a room off to the side.

Rick Dryden was held there for some time while sherrifs questioned him on his abusive tactics in court and in front of the Justice and Court council and about 30 onlookers in the room.

Justice had to suspend court services for that court room until Rick Drydens threat to the courts was calmed down.

Rick Dryden of 16340 119 st Edmonton Alberta is under investigation  by EPS Edmonton.

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