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Joshua teo
One quote I live by, "if opportunity doesn't knock, build a door". Fyi, I'm here to help anyone in need
One quote I live by, "if opportunity doesn't knock, build a door". Fyi, I'm here to help anyone in need

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Alright. After years of research, new armor has been given to General James Butch, commander of the IGBC Gladiator. As well as General Samuel Richards, commander of the IGBC Banshee.

First up, the Harbinger juggernaut suit.

7 inch titanium alloy plates, exoskeletal support, lock-on hellbringer missiles, 20mm cannon, 50mm cannon and laser pulsar on right soldier. Slow and heavy, but incredibly dangerous.

Next, Phantom stealth suit.

1.5 inch titanium alloy plates, enhanced vision (thermal, zoom and x-ray), laser rays on each hand, retractable claws, active camo, sound muffle and enhanced speed and strength. Light and fast, but low armor.
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New weapon: devastation railgun

Features: short cool down and charge up, massive damage, large power source, can be charged and shot to a maximum force of 5000 Newtons

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MICHIGAN. Oh, and good night you fabulous fucks.

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James and Richards stand in front of a group of recruits, to welcome them.

James: hello and welcome. You have been invited to this military force since your skills were noticed by us. You are some of the best soldiers we could find. Make us proud.

Richards: here you will be pushed to your limit, we will make you a true marine and we will harden you to the core. Do not expect sympathy, pity or even a small break. You will be molded into the perfect soldiers. You will respect and listen to your commanding officers. We wish you luck.

James: now go, make us proud. And make the IGBC proud. We will not have any of you fail.

we walk off into a drop-ship and fly to our war cruisers.

James: I feel bad for the kids. So young many of them, and they have to go through basic training. Like we did

Richards: well Yea, but we became some of the best out there.

James: because we were good before we entered.

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Name: meta

Age: 137

Gender: none

Species: metagross

Likes: those who show patience and humility, tea and books

Dislikes: impatient and stubborn people

Bio: a rare evolution of a metagross that left home as a metang to explore around, now he has settled down in the pokemansion and has retired from his job as a freelancer and dungeon explorer.

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flying around the Lylat system searching for people in need of assistance
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Name: Samuel G. Richards

Age: 31

Rank: general 2nd rank

Military force: I.G.B.C.

Ship: Lion M-VII and Bansee war cruiser

Weapons: Longshot MVII, Typhoon, hammerhead pistol

Skills: Stealth, sniping and firefights.

Abilities: cloak and overdrive

Bio: inlisted at 19 years old, he was raised on earth. His father died against renegade forces in a galaxy known as omega. By He was stationed on sauria along with James Butch. They became quick friends and began to rise the ranks together.
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Name: James R. Butch

Military rank: General 1st rank.

Gender: male

Arsenal: heavy weapons such as the buzzsaw 2.0 lmg, G4H-DuSH rocket launcher, vortex shotgun, fury Gatling gun, hammer of dawn grenade launcher.

Age: 37

Ships: Hellhound Gunship and I.G.B.C. war cruiser (aka Gladiator)

Strategy: adapt to the situation, plan the attack, and destroy the targets

Abilities: can use assault class mechs and uses heavy armor

race: reptilian

Bio: once a poor boy on the streets of LW-8 with only one rule, Don't die. Soon began to use his skills as a Juggernaut soldier, and became a great asset in large battles and soon became a Captain for the I.G.B.C. (Intergalactic Battle Command). Now drifting around searching for a good Cause, a good team, and an enemy to shoot at.

Job: mechanic and Juggernaut

Use in battle: assault and support
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