Dear Nuvola Player users,

It's almost two months since development of Nuvola Player was discontinued and I've been considering resumption of the project many times since then. Unfortunately, I still cannot invest my time in Nuvola Player without any financial gain. I have to pay bills as everyone else :-(

Therefore, I've decided to try the crowd-funding via Gittip once again and it's the last time I bother you with it. The funding goal is set to 59 USD/week and that would allow me to reserve reasonable long time blocks for Nuvola Player.  If you are happy with Nuvola Player and appreciate all the work that has been done, please consider setting up a small recurrent donation to support resumption of further maintenance and development of Nuvola Player. If you cannot donate, please spread the word  about this last crowd-funding attempt. Thank you.

At the time of writing, the project is supported by six people who donate 4.60 USD/week in total (7.8 % of the goal). Will you join them?

Also, I would like to change a few things in the project:
- Focus on tickets with the highest score in a votebox (the votebox is in progress, i. e. let the community decide what features I will spend my funded time on.
- Shorter release cycle (two months) to deliver new features and services faster.
- Automatic installation of service update packages.
- More news from the kitchen to seek feedback from community.
- Improved documentation and support.
- Promoting of HTML5 based streaming services.
- Adoption of unmaintained services.

Feel free to post any ideas and comments :-)

+Jiří Janoušek

P. S. Bitcoin donations from hi-tech users are also gratefully accepted: 12Y6QXoAxYuLcFxZgiNT7Et52gxd6FQwxC

Edit 1:  The deadline is end of November for 50 % of the goal and end of December for 100 % of the goal.
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