Future of Nuvola Player Project

Dear users, development of the release 2.1.0 is in its final phase and Nuvola Player has almost all features I wanted it to have, so it's time to think about the future of the project. The main issue is the fact that development is not so enjoyable anymore because of issues I have to constantly cope with (Flash plugin, GStreamer and WebKitGtk bugs) and my will to work on Nuvola Player for free has been constantly declining, so I've decided to try crowdfunding via Gittip [1]. If you like Nuvola Player and its features [2] and appreciate all the work that has been done so far, please consider setting up a small recurrent donation [1] to support further maintenance and development of Nuvola Player. Thank you, +Jiří Janoušek 

[1] https://www.gittip.com/NuvolaPlayer/
[2] http://nuvolaplayer.fenryxo.cz/features.html
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