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Circle Crash!
Hey, everyone, here's a new manga I'm translating. It's about a normal girl joining a manga club full of otaku. It's basically Genshiken 2.0. I'll be updating this post. Enjoy! Chapter 001: Stop! Time! Chapter 001 (Or download it from HERE .)

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Stop! Time!
Hey, guys, here's the third entry from the famous God series. This one is what you get when the creator of Umbrella Sword tries to make a love comedy. Enjoy. Chapter 01: Umbrella Sword Chapter 01 Chapter 02: Umbrella Sword Chapter 02 Chapter 03: Umbrella Sw...

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Umbrella Sword
Hey, guys, it's been a while. Here's a web manga I just finished translating today. It's the fourth entry from the famous God series which are all about a creepy God messing with little girls' lives, but I don't want to spoil everything. So make sure to giv...

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Last chapter of Bonfire NEET translated (for the time being)
Hey, guys, it only took me two years and 2 months, but I finally finished translating all chapters of Bonfire NEET that are out there. If you've read the last chapter, you'll find that it's the most frustrating point Nikiichi Tobita could have chosen for a ...

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Sites hosted in Google Drive migrated to Firebase
Hello, everyone. Due to Google Drive's deprecation of their web hosting feature finally kicking in, I had to migrate a number of my sites to Firebase , which obviously caused their URLs to change. The Molester Man threads can be accessed via the URL: https:...

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Onepunchman chapter 3
Chapter 3 of Onepunchman. I love Onepunchman. Need I say more? There's one thing I need to say though. I feel bad for putting sfx notes everywhere that may get in the way of enjoying the gorgeous art of Murata, but it's just that I find the onomatopoeia in ...

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Stretch has ended
The final Stretch chapter has been released today. Albeit surprising, it wasn't completely unexpected what with Stretch having covered pretty much everything about stretching. If it'd been a normal series, it might have gone on longer, but it's a series abo...

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OPM files taken down
Hey, guys. Maybe some of you have already noticed that the OPM chapters in my Mediafile folder have been taken down. Since OPM was licensed by VIZ Media years ago, I suppose it was only a matter of time. It's why I quit translating OPM in November, 2013 in ...

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KURO Volume 02
Hey, everyone. The 2nd volume of KURO is out and I've just finished translating the extra chapters (thanks to Lucifer for the scans). There are four extra chapters in total. Enjoy! Read it all on Google+: Kuro Volume 02 Extra Chapter 01 Kuro Volume 02 Extra...

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How I stalked some dude with an exposed nipple and stumbled upon the Zenithian Sword
Hey guys, great title for a manga, eh? This one is a Dragon Quest V doujinshi that was originally posted on Pixiv by Nikiichi Tobita (MONSTER X MONSTER), when he was still an amateur artist. In fact, you'll notice a few similarities to MONSTER X MONSTER. Yo...
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