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Not sure if anyone else has done this, but I've been using Seventh Sanctum as my "Old World Magic" spell generator. I stick with simple to complex entries, because the really ornate ones can get rather, er, bizarre. Now, you miss out on using Wizard names, but you do get some cool stuff, such as this pass I just did:

Bolts of Exceptional Readiness
Control Glorious Lizards
Cursed Working of Measure
Disk of Dire Fire
Greater Lightning Shields
Gyser of Metal
Saviors' Diamond Blast
Summon Lost Lover
The Snare of Kindness
Traps of Illuminated Cold

Anyhoo, it's a cool resource, if only to discuss exactly what "Snare of Kindness" does.:-) Happy gaming.

Is there a system hack that keeps the HP's low? I much prefer static HP's to bloat by level.

Well, we're about to have a couple characters reach level 10, which is GREAT! But they're going to accomplish it in less than a year of in-game (fictional) time. That just mean, I know we roll a lot of fails, but still... Anyhoo, it feels rather rushed, reaching the pinnacle, assuming they don't die in the next couple adventures. I guess it's DW and this doesn't matter, but I feel like I'd like slower progression. Or is this a "my problem" thing, and I shouldn't worry about that?

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Our adventures continue in "Trials and Trails," a mostly light-hearted DW campaign.

Our latest entry details the party's encounter with M'nenieth, the Ageless (as he/it calls him/itself), as well as dealings in Grantham (brunch included!).

You can check out the previous 16 installments here:

Happy hack and slashing! 

So, question, Hold Person. Spell name says "Person," description says "Creature," which means it's basically akin to "Hold Monster," as well? Had a Cleric throw this down at a dragon and succeed with an 8. I didn't want to summarily say "Nope, it's immune to that," even though I think it should be (and I hadn't explicitly annotated it as "Immune to..."). Since the Drago could still speak, and therefore, I assume still use a Breath Weapon (plus cast the spells I gave it), the situation turned into a Parley, which had the PCs give up some valuables in exchange for dropping the enchantment and 1 day to leave the drag's territory (Mr. Drags also cooked and ate all their horses). That said...

Seems like the ability to "Hold" anything, Person, Creature, whatever, is ridiculously overpowered for a 3rd level spell. versus what is supposed to be a possibly lethal encounter. I don't want to negate the Cleric's ability to use the spell on basically almost anything, but wouldn't it be fair to say the intent behind "Hold Person" is really something Humanoid, or, you know, a "Person?"

How do/would you run it?

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Well, if anyone's interested, this is the entire run (so far), of our DW/Freebooters campaign (DW mostly, using the FB moves and with some nudging in of the FB magic system [called "Old World Magic"]).
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