NHL 12 for PS3 has become one of the most frustrating games to play. Not because I can't win (I can't), but because of all the glitches in the game. Every version after 1.00 has a bug where you can't load a saved "Be A Player" game.

So don't upgrade, right? Sounds easy enough. Then I got drafted by the Jets only to find out their jerseys were released as a part of version 1.01. Oh there's also a bug in version 1.00 where the game just flat out freezes and can't be recovered. Have to hardboot the PS3. I've hit that one twice tonight. Nice.

So now I"m stuck. I can't use the latest version because my games won't load and I can't use the original version because the game freezes. What do?

Lets see if I can contact EA to file a bug. Dig up old account, try to remember password, find iout the account isn't verified so I can't make a new post, verify the account (have to log out and back in to do that), then finally create a new post. Oh wait I need to choose a persona to post under. Because my email address isn't enough. Of course that page throws a JS exception ("Refused to set unsafe header "Connection""), so I have to refresh the page a few times before it loads correctly.

After all that I got to post my problem on the EA sports forum. Lets see what happens.

I would be very thankful if this post could be re-shared with someone at EA. I don't seem to know anybody that can help me out here.
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