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Giant Pandas from Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding has more than 80 Giant pandas and small pandas. You could adopt them.
Get further information on how to adopt a panda.

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China has three more World Heritage sites since Jun. 25, 2014. The three new sites are South China Karst (Phase II), the Grand Canal, and the Silk Road.
:) South China Karst (Phase II) include Guilin and Huanjiang Karst in Guangxi Region, Shibing Karst in Guizhou Province, Jinfoshan Karst in Chongqing.
:) The Grand Canal consists the section of Sui and Tang Dynasty that running through Mid-East China, section from Beijing to Hangzhou, East Zhejiang Section.
:) The Silk Road is composed from the starting point to Tianshan (Heavenly Mountain) corridor.
Come and visit these sites with us ~~

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Learn how to cook Chinese dish during your tour to Yangshuo, Guilin.
Here we have:
English speaking local cooking teacher.
Hand around local marcket to discover what we shop for food daily.
After study, you will enjoy your own dish and t...he teacher's dish.

The dishes you learn are home dishes, not hard, please just enjoy your time with us.

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Daxu Ancient Town, only 15 km drive from downtown Guilin. It is not popular to visitors, but the flagstone street, 100 years old dwellings and bridge are good to visit.
And the most important thing is, you would discover the local citizen enjoy everyday on their style.

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Ali area of Tibet is currently closed to non-chinese visitors, but other areaes are still open. You coud travel these areaes with Discover China Tours.

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Here Discover China Tours help you to collect the info. of Chinses Embassies all over the world:
Phone number

Hope the info. could help you with your China visa application.

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Welcome to visit China when you change flights in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenyang and Dalian cities.
Yes, they are 7 cities which you could apply 72-hour visa-free transit.
:) There are 51 countries could enjoy the visa-free.
:) 72 hours is 3 days, you will have a changce to visit beautiful China.
:) Visa-free is good, save your money.
:) Guilin and Xian will join visa-free program latter in 2014.
Check for more applycation information here:

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Longji Dazhai/Jinkeng Terrace Travel Tips

Dazhai terrace, much more larger than Pingan terrace. It is amazing. And to the visitors who want to save their enery to enjoy the terrace, there is a good news: there is a cable car line in Dazhai.

More travel tips about Dazhai terrace, please follow us:

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Chongqing, not only the starting & Ending ferry of Yangtze River Cruise in China, but also a 3D city (mountain city). Why it is called 3D? When you come into a building, its entrance will be on the 1st floor or 10th floor, even on 20th floor; when your google map tell you that there are only 20 meters to your destination, but you walk around could not find it; in other cities, the local citizens give you the direction to turn left or turn right, but in Chongqing, except left and right, you should go up and go down to find your destination. And the representative is Hong Ya Cave.
Hongya Cave is not a real cave, but a shopping mall by the side of Jialing River. It is really popular to visitors not only because it represents 3D mountain city, but also in the evening, when the lights are on, it is just like the Yubaba Hot Spring Resort in movie Spirited Away by Miyazaki Hayao.
Well, spend one more night in Chongqing, to enjoy it.

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What to do as a Panda Volunteer in Chengdu Bifengxia Panda Base China?

Transporting panda’s foods (bamboo, fruit, water, vegetables, etc)
Clean panda’s foods
Feed pandas
Clean panda’s house and playing field...
Training pandas
Weighing fresh bamboo, leftover bamboo, milk, panda’s waste
Helping to bath panda
Observing panda’s behavior
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