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Je Ne Sais Quoi
You may think I'm obsessed with those words. You may be right.  There is something about the French style that is particularly magnetic, something so effortless that you just want to put in effort to achieve it. How could I put this? Precisely, I cannot put...

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Waiting Game
I'm thinking it over - the way you make me feel all sexy but it's causing me shame. I want to lean on your shoulder, I wish I was in love but I don't want to cause any pain. And if I'm feeling like I'm evil, we've got nothing to gain. What if I never see yo...

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Super simple outfit, a little more elaborate photography this time. I'm always looking for outfits that are appropriate for several occasions at once. Usually, I like to throw on a dress with a unique hem, but this shirt and shorts - not just any - also doe...

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'Back' at it
Last one from this series. I just lived through one of the most intense experiences of a student: frosh. Also, I happen to attend one of the most froshee-intense institutions. Day one, I was like ¨okay, I get what this is all about¨, then day two, I thought...

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Yet another peculiar way to wear a mini-dress.  

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Someone recently told me that I hadn't been posting enough, so here are my efforts trying to redouble it. Well heh at least it's being read a little.  Midi skirts. Originally super feminine, and its effect doubled with heels. (As Alexa Chung says, flats wit...

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Snail Mail
Overalls? Check. Palazzo pants? Check. Breathtaking meadow and fence? Check.  Take me back. 
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