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California Drought Graphics

Here are the graphics from yesterday's article in the San Francisco Chronicle (+SFGate ). The first shows how the "Ridiculously Resilient Ridge" has blocked storms from reaching California during the current drought. The other two show results from our recent paper analyzing the relationship between precipitation, temperature and drought in California. One timeseries figure shows historical climate observations, and the other shows climate model simulations.

The +SFGate article is here:

The original peer-reviewed paper co-authored with +Daniel Swain and +Danielle Touma in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is here:

And some of the stories and videos from +Stanford University are here:

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Hello Again Hello...I writing to Let You know...I think about you all the Time and in a Special way...I hope this makes your day..Hello

Dear Members of Peace Mode Arena,
I want you all to know that you are appreciated.
Thank you for Being a part of This Research Diary.
    You all are now Being Documented As Historical Founders For an Improved Existence...By choosing to be a member of Peace. Thank you all...For sharing Your Precious Oh so Precious Resources of Time and Human Energy.
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    Although we all have the ingredients to be Immortal..Please Remember that you are vulnerable and not invincible yet.
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Peace Mode Arena By Eliza Roman

This is a great, simple, and fun game.
Especially if you love Simulation games.

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Welcome, eager young investor, to AdVenture Capitalist! Arguably the world'...
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Welcome to This online event..On going until February 2020 ...

A get to know you session by Eliza Roman of Peace Mode Arena 2

Anthropology and Renewable and Sustainable Energy is my life's work - for improving  thee unfortunate ghetto and poverty stricken Areas...

 Event is for yet not limited to nightmare relief, PTSD post traumatic stress disorders, survivors of rape and incest., Domestic Violence, Depression from Oppression ..
A place to view soothing yet empowering images to assist your survival skills plus encourage inner  peace of consciousness; Too enhance & increase a more quality efficient upgraded standard of strength   within subliminal reality !
Fire Side Story Time with Guests and Friends
Fri, December 25, 8:00 PM
on line

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Shell mentioned that it would sell its entire stake, spread across 106,000 net acres, located in Dimmit, LaSalle, and Webb Counties, TX. The deal, expected to close toward the end of the current quarter, would involve cash transaction of about $639.0 million.
Other prior divestments by Shell include the sale of properties in the Mississippi Lime in Kansas, Utica shale in Ohio and Sandwash Niobrara basins in Colorado.
The company is now diverting capital toward exploration activities in liquid-rich shale resources and tight gas acreages, which is a positive. However, factors such as weak downstream operations, increased capital spending and high exposure to natural gas are challenges to the company.
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Relaxation Research Review. Introduce yourself Please n Disc.. Chamb NOTE...Knowledge is Power That Leads to Inward Peace hello
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Immortality for Believers  - 
Review please help improve this topic for discussion chambers thanks all call to attention.
This article on your aging muscles will terrify you, but it will also change your life:
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I have been trying to learn sacred geometry since 2013 if you scroll back to 2013 you will see my preliminary research in this community I apologize for not posting in the year 2014. it is now the year 2015 my research in sacred geometry continues...I appreciate the support of my fellow community members...I truly enjoy your comments and participation I also learn by observation...I love you my on my online neighbors...I look forward to visiting this community again soon.
The study of sacred geometry was passed down over thousands of years from the ancient mystery schools. The most common geometries considered sacred are the Egyptian Flower of Life, the Hebrew Vesica Piscis and the Italian Borromean Rings (also known as the Holy Trinity). Of course, there are a great many more, such as the Kaballah,…
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+Mylie Blues​​ and  +Jaron Swab​ Thank you for your guidance
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Greetings & Welcome
This ongoing event is hosted by Peace Mode Arena by Eliza Roman and is ongoing till thee year 2020
Believe you can live Forever with efficient cellular rejuvenation ?
Alternative Medicinal Ideas for Anti Aging and Immortality & Ontology
Holistic Healing and Health Event
Thu, November 26, 12:00 AM
Free On Line event Complimentary for Everyone

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Complementary Journey and A 
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