Cyberbullying can be more dangerous than face-to-face bullying. Find out why and what you must know to protect your child from cyberbullying.

Read more at 'Cyber Bullying is Dangerous: What Parents Need to Know'

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The study of sacred geometry was passed down over thousands of years from the ancient mystery schools. The most common geometries considered sacred are the Egyptian Flower of Life, the Hebrew Vesica Piscis and the Italian Borromean Rings (also known as the Holy Trinity). Of course, there are a great many more, such as the Kaballah,…
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I did a lot of research that took me years to put the information together as a layout...I am learning much from sacred geometry and i am looking for a community that is genuine in accepting sacred geometry as part of the earths evolutionary process...I hope to get to know you all...Please enjoy my research layout I am a novice on this subject matter
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Have them in circles
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Peace Mode Arena 2 By Eliza Roman
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FYI  =  Tolerating Coexistence is the handling and dealing with of a wanted or unwanted neighbor(s) in a honorable and respectful manner...Although there is much delima on how anyone has arrived on Earth Prime..The Factual Agreement is that We are here..Now with that known..How do we all work as a Team and Try and Truly I tell you today I mean try..To get along !
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Jennifer Nettles - Hello Again:
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In the photo The flower of life is shown in relation to the mitosis split of atoms...I hope this could be enjoyed by the community.
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