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Amy Veeres
Just another self-important cyberpunk.
Just another self-important cyberpunk.


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Melancholy Kaiju is now available! I sent it out to Patreon backers, and now it's up on DriveThruRPG too! It is in fact a game about kaiju who feel kinda sad, and how they deal with everyday life (in that respect it's kind of like Saint Young Men).

The major game design inspiration was +Ben Lehman's game Hot Guys Making Out (which has a really fascinating mechanic and is well worth checking out), and I handed my artist friend a book on Ultra Kaiju and let him go to town. Also, thanks to +Amy Veeres the PDF has actual bookmarks.

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Free music! Kinda!

I think I've undone most of the damage. Still a ways to go.

I had a bit of a nervous breakdown last night finishing a project, and I unfriended basically everyone off everything. If somehow you see this, think we should be friends, and aren't, please let me know and I'll refriend you I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm so, so sorry.
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