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Doug Peters
Determined, creative, artistic, confident, independant, patient, impatient, thorough, leader, team-player
Determined, creative, artistic, confident, independant, patient, impatient, thorough, leader, team-player


Just setting up in here, lots of little pieces to the puzzle to gather together and fit just so. Please be patient.

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Although it is sort of a duplicate, I also post these fonts at:

The reason I bring this up as an option is because it may be more convenient for some of you.

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The latest "free for a limited time" commercial font at Creative Fabrica is...


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The latest "free for a limited time" commercial font at Font Bundles is...


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I have been adding quite a few web fonts (#webfonts) that are OK for commercial use to the (cataloged TTF & OTF font repository) website, lately.

I've actually added 10 fonts in about the past week, and haven't actually promoted them anywhere (usually I post each individual font along with a preview or character sample). unfortunately, I am just way too busy at the moment and it doesn't look like that is going to let up anytime soon.

So all I can say is give the website a check and see what's new.

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It's not the iPhone 8, but everyone seems to think the 8 is just the same as a 7. But check it out, this iPhone 7 is part of a giveaway.

Wow. I have my fingers crossed, wish me good luck. If I win one, I'll update this post so you know it's not a scam. Apparently, they do all sorts of Giveaways.

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Make sure that you don't enter this contest so that I can win this smartphone... The Note 8 isn't really good enough for you. But I like it. Let me win. LOL!

Good luck!

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Hello All...

Were you working on labor day, just like I was? It can be tough, especially when you are determined to make it on your own.

First, I apologize for the long intro. But I am a complicated businessman & artist.

I started out as an artist and became a marketer. I was designing websites as a freelance studio, but my partner died. I still design fonts, logos, & illustrations, and I just started to sell my logos, illustrations & slogans as wear & gear at my logo shop on Threadless (

I also do a lot of amateur photography and I try to sell that on Dreamstime.

While I continue to design websites, I am pretty much doing that in order to build-up my own brands. As it turns out, my customers would change their website or go out of business and then I would have nothing to put in my design portfolio. So, in order to have a portfolio, I have been registering domain names and building brands.

Please understand that a brand is a reputation. It really has nothing at all to do with a logo, a logo merely becomes its face, or graphic representation that will 'iconify' a business with a symbolic representation. But the logo doesn't actually represent the business, it becomes a stand-in for its image. That is, the logo represents how a business is perceived by the community it serves. In other words, a brand is everything. Every customer experience rolled up into one community view that brands the company with the reputation it develops through sales, service, customer interaction, presentation, marketing, quality, price, even cleanliness and other obscure factors that are evaluated and factored in.

So, a brand really is everything you do. And branding is everything.

Logos are intended as a visual cue. Although any good logo designer will use positive symbolism and color psychology to create a positive impact and presentation, all the while focusing on delivering a visual message that coins what a business is all about.

That's a tall order and I love it. Logos offer a unique challenge to creativity. I do have a Fine Arts education from Augustana University and have been an artist all my life.

But that's just mentioning to you my passion. I told you it would be a long read. Hopefully you are enjoying the story, so far? I know, a bit boring, but I find I have to educate people about what I do, because I do work hard to achieve the best you can get.

The business end of things started after college. I was designing logos, websites, & advertising graphics (love Photoshop & Illustrator). But my web host was some guy in Texas, and he was reselling someone else's services while they handled the back end. But there was an issue with the domain name he registered on my behalf, and Network Solutions (now Verisign) was giving me the run-around with support.

A domain name is your online presence web address. It is a crucial part of your brand because even if you don't market online, people don't use phone books anymore, they use search engines and online directories to arrive at your marketing site. And a domain will often reflect your company name, Trademark, Service Mark, slogan or offerings. Not having an online presence is crippling to growth for any small business and essential to all medium to large businesses. The domain is your website's front door to the site.

Domain names are a big part of that mythical branding equation. Once, I ran a top websites directory, and I called it "Top Sites Catalog" and I used "Top Sites Cat" as a branding nickname because shorter, easier to remember and type domains are better than longer ones. I learned that because no one knew how to spell my company name, Symbiotic Design. So I used S-Design.US until I moved design and development to Salamander.US. But look at how Top Sites Cat looked as a domain, Do you see 'Top Sites Cat', or 'Top Site Scat' in that domain name? That was a real issue that was hard to walk away from because I loved the brand name so much. But I had to, and even though I changed the name to "Top Site Cat" for a time, the domain damaged the name and it lost its allure for me.

Anyhow, knowing how important a name is, and how vital to business a domain name is, I wound-up researching how I could possibly become my own domain name registrar. After all, by this time I took a cue from my original host and started reselling web hosting myself. Hey, I'm good at sales and marketing, that's what graphic design and website design is all about!

Without putting up a $25,000.00 deposit to become an official domain registrar, I found some great reseller web hosting and domain registration service solutions. Someone else would take care of the equipment, secure and monitor the network, even provide the customer support. All I have to do is manage the store, set the prices, design and maintain the branding aspects. That includes logo banners and a front end website that acts as a door to the secure registrar shopping cart server.

So I started 2 services; Domain Hostmaster (, & HD Web Hosting (

Domain Hostmaster has among the best prices on the internet. I am reselling GoDaddy here, but even though I am reselling their services, I am often undercutting their prices. Plus, you get the same Go Daddy style store without the extra spam. And many enjoy Go Daddy customer support. Face it, if I am selling at the same prices or less, and not making customers jump through hoops trying to pin down Go Daddy coupons, while offering the same technical support, and I get rewarded for my marketing efforts by the pros and peers in my industry, all while reducing the spam of Go Daddy wouldn't you rather choose my online shop? Lots of web designers and developers do, they know a good deal for the vital business internet services when they see it.

My other reseller web hosting and domain registration service is HD Web Hosting, which is a partnership with LiquidNet for web hosting (on 4 continents) and with ENOM, another of the biggest names in the domain registrar business. Although a little more expensive, I do keep prices reasonable there, as is a free reseller hosting & domain registration opportunity (anyone can sign-up for the free reseller program at - though few follow through and setup the program and market it). I do, however, sign-up for the extras such as a DNS Cluster with dedicated IPs, as well as a corporate hosting plan for myself.

I signed-up for that free reseller partnership program when I was searching for the most inexpensive professional web hosting solution for a great friend of mine in Romania. He used it quite successfully for years. I signed-up to check things out for him and wound-up building a nice web hosting business out of it. And now the servers are among the fastest and most reliable in the world while still offering the best prices for businesses on a budget. Again, this is another less spammy operation, and I keep it that way. Plus, again, they will take care of customer support in a professional manner.

I actually started another reseller site to accommodate domain registrations that Go Daddy had dropped or didn't add, such as .name (dropped) and .top (not picked-up), called Domainance ( But this reseller platform requires a great deal more work because it so customizable (and powerful). But it requires you setup your own payment processor (I have only setup PayPal), and add a lot of customization. That service is through an Indian platform, Public Domain Registration Services. The hosting and server offers are quite extensive.

So, I guess now you can see why I refer to myself as a marketer. I have upwards of 60 to 80 websites online at any one time. I keep domains on reserve for another 60 to 120 future projects.

I bet you are wondering why so many domains and websites? Obviously, I concentrate on quality over quantity, or there would be many more of my logos spotlighting my online business websites. But instead of showing spam advertising from Google (you pay for every click), that you have no real control over and often competes with your marketing content, my sites offer useful info, resources, and tools to accommodate people and offer help. On those sites, I offer limited advertising and they are often related, complementary subject websites.

But many are not, and that is because I am also building business and informational topic sites that I may sell as name brands, as they gain reputation and authority in their fields. This requires some finesse, because Google is biased against anyone in any marketing program. Here I am, 1 lone artist working by myself to build a small empire and Google gets threatened by my little web directories because I am seen as their competition. My directories were well maintained, providing family friendly human approved and edited listings. But when Google became alarmed because people were starting to access directories more often, it saw us as competition and slapped the web spam label on us.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are plenty of reasons that spam is bad news, as most of it consist of bad stuff with criminal intent. Other stuff feeds off the unfortunate (illegal or fake drugs, payday loans, Prince of Nigeria scams, bank logo spoofing, etc..). Google called this unsolicited email 'spam' and when they saw the same thing published on websites, they labeled it as web spam. Rightly so, until they saw the popularity of web directories rise and put us in the same boat, even if we were ad free.

Lots of web directories have gone by the wayside. DMOZ, the (Open Directory Project) was the largest web directory in the world, was completely free to submit to, and is now defunct. I shut down 7 of my 8 directories because of the pressure Google put on us. But guess what? Google isn't in the business of search. Google is an advertisement platform. A giant, at that. Google phones, search, Chrome computers, Android OS, these are just methods of delivering advertising. And advertising does make lots of cool stuff free, like the search platform, the Chrome browser and OS, Android OS, Google WebFonts, Blogger, and various code projects.

But here's the thing, aside from hosting an ad publishing platform, Google doesn't even do hardly any marketing, it just bowls along growing in size like a snowball, growing under its own weight and volume. Even the AdWords/AdSense platform is not conducive to good marketing. It's just a Pay-Per-Click link platform. And Google gets upset with paid links in online directories when these are much more appropriate marketing opportunities with much more textual copy accepted, support for logos and images, some web directories providing a complete business profile page.

Now, don't get me wrong. There are bad directories and link farms out there pointing to that web spam we all want to, have to avoid at all costs. However, I can guarantee that my web directory is well maintained and does not suffer because of bad links. It is a family friendly site. I don't approve poor or even spammy sites.

But even though I fight being lumped into The same category as bad link communities, Google, being the source of 75% or more of all search, is doing just that. And it is wrong.

Anyway, that is my ongoing struggle. We all have them. It irritates me because even Yahoo pulled out of the online directory business under Google's weight.

Luckily, I am involved in lots of other things, as well. I love art, technology, and enjoy communicating with others.

I have a wife and son, and I am very proud that he is so gifted (tops in his class for the past 2 years).

If anyone is looking for a pen & ink, pencil, charcoal, watercolor, oil, or vector illustration or logo, please contact me and I would be happy to help you out (I'm not cheap, but I am very good and professional).

I love animals, but don't think much of people who behave like them.

I have a whole host of causes, I won't go into them here, but I stand for diversity and equality. Because without it, the alternative is Hell.

I am a Christian, and Jesus forgive me, a sinner. God bless us all.

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'I dream my painting and then I paint my dream' Vincent van Gogh.
Did you ever paint your dream? Olive Grove, Vincent van Gogh (1889)
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