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Patricio Mangubat
Patricio Mangubat--citizen
Patricio Mangubat--citizen

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latest from New Philippine Revolution at on Five Possible Post-Aquino scenarios


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read all about it.

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read The Ilustrado ( for your daily dose of insightful views and recent news about the Philippines

Time to act. MRT/LRT fares have been raised. Need collective action from Citizens for Change.

when you think about it, a life lived just for one self is not life--more of a lie.

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get the latest news and insightful views at to those who want to share their thoughts with the world, send me an email and you'll become one of the writers of this new website for Filipinos everywhere

a citizen is someone who will stand up against any form of abuse.

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Threats against the Aquino administration much bigger today than 4 years ago
The possibility of President Benigno S. Aquino III getting his first taste of a coup looms much bigger today than in the first four years of his administration, a source told this writer yesterday. In a private huddle this weekend, a source says that if Aqu...

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A father's take on the Senate hearings on Binay--please talk about other things and reject Grupo Cono (Cayetano-Trillanes-Pimentel-Roxas)
What more? I just got my payslip and noticed how huge my tax deductions are. This tops those taxes being taken from me every time I eat out or buy something in the grocery or shopping mall. Everytime I use the roads, I remember the road tax also taken from ...
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