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I'm doing an international giveaway of 2 V-MODA Crossfade Wireless headphones.

Good luck!

It looks like an international giveaway will soon be available...
Stay tuned!
#PodcastAddict #Giveaway

A new version of Podcast Addict has just been released.
This version contains a few bugfix and performance improvements as well as a complete technical overhaul of the Chromecast feature.
Please let me know if you experience any issue.

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Podcast Addict v3.43.3 has just been released.

This new version keeps preparing the app for the upcoming version of Android O.

A new setting allows you to enable/disable the app custom player notification in Settings/Notifications/Player. Once disabled, the app will use the device default player notification layout.

The app now supports Android O Picture-in-Picture mode.

I also fixed many bugs including the Automatic Update process which couldn't be disabled anymore on Android 7 devices.

Please let me know if you have any questions / issues

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Fellow Podcast Addicts,

Many of you have been asking me if there was a way to support the app development via small donations or some kind of subscription model.
Up until now, I was able to manage the app alone (development, bugfix, support, publications, ...) but with a lot of active users support and bugfix take more and more time.

This makes it complicated to spend time working on major feature requests like cloud backup and cross-device syncing...
Because of this, I'm going to try a new monetization model.
I'm using a service named Patreon which is used by many podcasters to support their show.

Basically, if you want to, you can select an amount of money you will give every month to support the app.
This will help me get some help to work on the translations for example, but also on the server code and maybe why not to develop a web player or an iOS app.

The app will, of course, remain free and in active development.

Thanks a lot in advance

Podcast Addict v3.43.1 has just been released.

This version improves Virtual podcasts/Audio books set up process. When you select a folder, the app will now ask you if you want to create a podcast for each subfolder detected or only one global podcast.

This version fixes a bug that impacts Premium podcasts subscribers on Android 7.0. You will have to edit the subscription password in the podcast custom settings to fix this.

The app also includes many small bug fixes to improve the app performance and stability.

Please contact me in case you have any question issue

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Podcast Addict v3.43 has just been released.

This new version adds a sorting mode for playlists that allows you to alternate episodes from different podcasts.
For example if you sort by publication date New to Old with this feature enabled, the app will play episodes starting with the most recent podcast (podcast A), then it will play the most recent episode of Podcast B, then C, ... instead of playing the most recent episodes which could come from the same podcast.

If you're using automatic rewind, I added a new checkbox in the settings called 'incremental rewind'. Once enabled, instead of rewinding 30s every time you resume playback, the app will take into account how long the playback was paused first. In that case, if playback is paused for a couple of seconds, the app will only rewind a few seconds, up to the full selected duration when playback has been paused for a long time (1 hour).

Finally, I also added new intents to control the Download manager from apps like tasker (pause/resume/toggle downloads).
You will find those new intents in the FAQs

Please let me know if you have any issue/question with this new version.



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Podcast Addict v3.42 has just been released.
This new version finally adds support to multiple playlists.

In order to use this new feature, you can go into the Playlists screen and select the new 'Custom' tab.
Then you can select the category of your choice and listen to it.
Those default categories are provided by the podcast owner in their RSS feeds, but you can press on the toolbar 'Category' button and add/delete/customize them.
That way you can create playlists like News, Commute, Workout, Audiobooks, SFW, ...
Each playlist can have its own sorting mode.

Please let me know what you think about this new feature


Podcast Addict v3.41.1 has just been released

This new version allows displaying the number of unplayed episodes on the app icon (Settings/Display).
This feature isn't supported by Android ASOP, but it will work with most launchers (Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Nova, ...)

This version also fixes the Continuous playback mode not working properly on Android Auto and a UI bug when using Android N multi window mode.

Please let me know if you have any issue/question.


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Podcast Addict v3.41 has just been released.

This new version adds support to Twitch channels. You can now paste a Twitch channel url into the app in order to be notified when a new video is published and then watch it.

The app also allows you to sort search engine results by subscribers numbers and fixes some issues like episodes filters not working for virtual podcasts.

Please let me know if you have any question.

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