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One thing that makes Glass awesome is that you can just long press on the touchpad any time and speak to ask Google a question. It’s a super fast way to search which, it turns out, is pretty magical.

+Amanda Rosenberg and I decided to test out a bunch of cool searches and thought you guys would like 'em too - check it out.

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This is amazing. Do you have any idea which features will be removed when it goes into mass production?
The last bit is funny looks at hot picture "ohhhh"
What about if ur speaking but with voice noise around u? In the video u only voice search when everyone is quite! I would like to know more about that...
The glasses look cool but would look cooler if the camera device might be hidden from view,I mean more integrated into the frame thought of latest generation of video/TV glasses. Prescription is apparently another issue, wide screen virtual display 16:9 and full HD would be awesome.
Just wondering, what happens if you ask: "how many grams are in an ounce exactly?"
Getting "this video is unavailable" when try to play in G+ iPad app.
Do the audio responses come across this loud usually? Or was  that also coming from the Glass app? 
Isn't it bad enough mistakenly talking to people on the street when they are using Bluetooth sets without telling them last night's game result when they didn't even ask you?
That's brilliant!
Hey +Mike LeBeau, were you and +Amanda Rosenberg using some sort of share search connectivity between the two of you when filming this? If not, wouldn't it be cool to connect with another person who has glass for specific activities like Google searching and such?
Hey Mike, do you think designing for glass shares much in common with pure voice interfaces?  would it be a huge leap from designing a glass + voice interface to pure voice?
+Mike Caskey : Why would you want a "pure voice" interface? You will not be able to do many things currently existing in Glass like Images, Maps, Hangouts etc.
Congrats on your work! Love the video and the new voice search feature. Can't wait to give it a try! 
I think I have you stumped.

"ok glass, google, images of female wasps".....
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