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Occasionally (because I'm not paying attention) this happens ...

Is there an option to make the sensor revert to either the phone accelerometer or sonar when the wearable battery dies?

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Breitling for Bentley Supersports B55

* Rewrite park/unpark routine
* Added 3 level zoom

* Initial Stab

All actions and displays are as near to authentic as I can get through interpretation of the real watch's manual (artistic license may have been used where actions such as long and multiple button presses and turning crowns aren't available in Watchmaker!)

Zoom to remove the bezel by tapping the centre.

Some modes that are available on the real watch are missing as they aren't yet working in my dev code.

Modes are selected by tapping in the 3 o'clock position. These are ...

* Tap P1 (1 o'clock position) to alternate between 4 date format displays.
* Tap P2 (5 o'clock position) to return directly to TIME display

* Tap P1 to start/stop
* Tap P2 to split/reset
* Parking of the hour and minute hand is automatic in this mode.

* Uses TZ 1

* Uses TZ 3

* Displays battery percentage.

I plan to make a few changes over time ...
* Change zoom so you can have the full bezel, inner bezel only or no bezel displayed.
* Change hand parking so it is a manual action
* Alter the park routine so it is universal and can be used to park and unpark the hands to any position required.

My thanks to +Sonny Larsson​​ for the artistic bits (Face and hands etc)

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I already have some code that will work with this, I just need the face and hands but my Photoshop skills are pants!

Can someone work some magic on the linked face to create a suitable background and hands, please? I will do the rest.

Credit will be given!

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I already asked this question (kind of) in another thread where it came up, but thought I'd ask it here too where it may be seen by more folks!

Has anyone written any code to park watch hands as per the attached video (FF to 4:20)?

I had a little play, and could get the hands going in the right directions and at the right speeds but can't get the minute hand to land in the right place! I also have a feeling my code would have reversed the minute hand (ie opposite direction to the hour hand) under certain circumstances!

Any examples or links would be appreciated.

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More on updating TLE files for Gpredict #hamr   #hamradio   #AMSAT  
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Update TLE files in Gpredict from more than one location #hamr #hamradio #AMSAT
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DMR Addendum: A knee-jerk reaction from the Ivory Tower ...? #hamr   #hamradio   #DMR  
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When antennae are left to the elements ... #hamr   #hamradio   #RAFARS
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What's going on with DMR? #hamr   #hamradio   #DMR  
What's going on with DMR?!
What's going on with DMR?!
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