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Author of the blog: Prints and Principles (
Author of the blog: Prints and Principles (

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Dominicus Custos’ engraving for the world’s first museum catalogue, “Armamentarium Heroicum” (1601)
Dominicus Custos (aka Dominicus Custodis; Dominicus de Costere)
(c.1559–1615) “Lansquenet Commander
Sebastian Schertlin von Burtenbach in Armour”, c.1601, after the design by Giovanni
Battista Fontana (1524–87), illustration plate from a German translation ...

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1502 woodcut by the Late Master of the Grüninger Workshop
Late Master of the Grüninger Workshop (fl. 1502) (Recto) “Winged
Fama” (aka rumour), illustration to Book 4 of Virgil’s “Aeneid.” Double sided woodcut
leaf from “Vergilius Maro, Publius” (70-19 B.C.). Opera. Edited by Sebastian
Brant, printed by Johannes Gr...

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Daubigny’s cliché-verre (glass print), “The Return of the Herd”
Charles-François Daubigny (1817–78) “La Rentrée du
Troupeau” (The Return of the Herd), 1862, from the series, “Quarante
Cliché-Glaces”, published in the Le Garrec 1921 edition with Edmond Sagot’s ink-stamp verso. Cliché-verre on
tan wove paper, signed on pl...

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Jacques Villon’s etching (from a cancelled plate) of a young man
Jacques Villon (1875– 1963) “Portrait of Baudelaire”
(cancelled plate), early 1900s (Note: the title of this print is based on information given to me at the time of purchase and may be inaccurate as the
Baudelaire had passed away well before Villon was bor...

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Lucas Vorsterman (I)’s engraving after Ruben’s “The Martyrdom of St. Lawrence”
Lucas Vorsterman ( I )
(aka Lucas Aemilius Vorsterman) (1595–1675) “The Martyrdom
of St Lawrence”, 1621, after the painting by Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640) in
the Alte Pinakothek, Munich, published by Lucas Vorsterman I. Note: the curator
of the BM points ...

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Lucchese’s engraving (1539) after Raimondi’s “The Martyrdom of St. Lawrence” (c.1520)
Michele Lucchese (aka Michele Greco; Michele Grech; Michele Crecchi;) (fl. 1534–64) “The Martyrdom
of St. Lawrence”, 1539, after Marcantonio
Raimondi (1470/82–1527/34) after a drawing by Baccio Bandinelli (1493–1560), published by Giovanni Giacomo De Rossi ...

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Manchon’s engraving, “The Charging Chasseur”, after Géricault
Gaston Albert Manchon (1855–1951; fl.1883–1900 according to
Engen) “The Charging
Chasseur” (Officier de chasseurs à cheval de la garde impériale chargeant) (aka
“An Officer of the Imperial Horse Guards Charging” and “Equestrian portrait of
Lieutenant Dieudo...

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Charles Meryon’s etching, “L'ancien Louvre, d'après une peinture de Zeeman, 1651”
Charles Meryon (1821–68) “L'ancien
Louvre, d'après une peinture de Zeeman, 1651” (The old Louvre, from a painting
by Zeeman, 1651), 1866, after a painting by Reinier Nooms, called Zeeman (1623 –67), printed by Vernant
and published in “Byblis” (1922) Etchin...

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Charles Meryon’s etching from the cancelled plate, “Le Petit Pont, Paris”
Charles Meryon (1821–68) “Le Petit Pont, Paris” (cancelled plate),
1850, from the series of 22 plates, “Eaux-fortes sur Paris”, printed by Vernant
and published in “Byblis” (1922) Etching with
cancellation marks on fine wove paper with watermark (fragment) ...

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IA Fridich’s engraving of owls and pelicans, “Bubo, Noctua, Onocrotalus”
Jacob Andreas Friedrich Snr. (aka IA Fridrich—the name with
which he signs his prints) (1684–1751) (Note: Friedrich Snr. shares the same
first names as his son, Jacob Andreas Friedrich Jr. [1714-1779], who signs his
prints: "Jac.Andr. Fridrich”, hence my at...
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