TL:DR Agent @AngelsMADV has been multi accounting and spoofing for almost 2 years and continues to cheat without sanction and with the support of others while selling in game items against TOS on eBay (against TOS) for personal profit.
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Like Ingress, hate cheats? Agent @AngelsMADV has for a very long time been suspected of playing a number of accounts, He has been caught red handed using more than one account more than once. He regularly claims portals which shortly afterwards have other accounts applying mods and deploying on top of his res while no one else appears to be with him in person. When these accounts reach L8 they do little other than deploy L8 res on his farms. I've been told he uses bot accounts to farm but I can't verify that, who could? He has been documented playing 'his wife's' account up to L8 in a series of win trading scenarios.
Despite this and much, much more there are a number of ENL players who resist all suggestions of cheating and regularly take kit from @AngelsMADV to destroy RES farms all over the NW of England while shouting "where's the proof that he's cheating?". So here's the proof you've been asking for. I'll try to concentrate on his eBay selling in this post. Hopefully this will enlighten those players as to what he's really up to and put any doubts /excuses to bed.

So, I'm told that @AngelsMADV asks ENL agents for VR kit, Axa's and virus's 'to help the cause' at the culmination of his "Turbo Tuesday" farming / attacking nights and in ENL comms. Ever wondered where that kit goes?  It turns out 'the cause' is not to further the aims of the ENL but to swell the personal coffers of @AngelsMADV. The kit that ENL agents donate to him and that his multiple accounts farm for him is then sold in bulk on eBay (clearly against Ingress and eBay TOS) for his personal gain. Maybe those profits are distributed back through the team, I don't know?
Not convinced? take a look at which is run by one The PayPal account receiving the money is owned by one VADIM BAINES-JONES. This is all publicly available information. That's quite a distinctive name that some people may recognise? Clue - it's @AngelsMADV. Vad is Mad on Angels, hence why a lot of his accounts are under the name of obscure angels. So, when items are purchased the buyer is sent a username / login for a L1 ENL 'mule' account containing the items which the buyer then logs into and removes the items, presumably dropping them into their real account. These 'mule' accounts are likely the result of several occasions when between 10 and 30 accounts have been created in the Halifax area in one short session which instantly complete training and are never seen in action again. Failing that the seller can deliver anywhere in the world at a moments notice. You might wonder how?
I recently did a test purchase of 50 Axas from the eBay account. I was given the user / pass to a L1 ENL account supposedly containing 50 Axas but it was empty.  I told the seller that the account had no Axas in it to which he replied that it wasn't a problem, he would drop me another capsule with the 50 Axas in it 'wherever I wanted'. I asked if it had to be near his location to which he replied "No mate. you Pick the spot". I chose a spot approx. 20 miles or 40 mins drive from Halifax to see what the response time would be. From receiving my message to delivering the capsule was 3 mins. which was impressive! Must have got really really lucky? No, the cap was delivered using a spoof account, when I asked why I couldn't meet up the seller claimed he had a vets appointment so had to go, quickly. I was in a deliberately clear area of a car park so I could see the seller 'arrive'. Not surprisingly no one passed by in the real world.

@AngelsMADV has so far sold at least £250 worth of Ingress in game items via eBay (and also sells 'offline' for better rates if you're interested) and has listed as @ 04/02/16 on eBay: 375 x Axa shields, 2000 x XMP 8, 50 x VRHS, 500 x R8, 200 x RS, 100 VRS, 100 x L8 US, 30 x SBUL, MUFG capsules and 2 x "complete L8 mod fire pack" consisting of 2000 items of rare / vr kit. That's over 7300 items in one account?  Of course what actually happens is that his some of his multiple accounts are used for storage of the kit and his L8 accounts (many have never done anything other than glyph hack up to L8) simply turn out en masse and rebuild his farms when they are destroyed by anyone with enough honest kit to take out the heavily Axa'd, MH and HS farms. To date no one has ever seen most of the L8 players supposedly deploying on these portals shortly following @AngelsMADV. A couple of the suspect accounts have been seen deploying at portals when no one is around and there were recently 4 agents stood at a portal  in a clear area of a park while one of those accounts was making links and fields from the portal. Again no one was actually there and when called out, the account instantly called the questioner a 'paedo' on comms in a quite disgusting attempt to deflect from being caught spoofing.

Now, it's difficult for honest agents  to deal with cheats as Niantic's reporting system seems to automatically mark reports as 'solved' a few days after they are made while no action is actually taken. What is much more disappointing is the amount of ENL players taking kit from and supporting @AngelsMADV while being aware of his cheating. Knowingly taking ill gotten gains from a cheat is tantamount to cheating yourself but let's assume no one on the ENL team was aware of these shenanigans (despite two of them being with him when he was caught deploying with two accounts). Now the proof is pretty well insurmountable I hope to see the kind of action the NW RES teams have taken when cheating is brought to their attention.

 I have no doubt at all that even if just one of @AngelsMADV's accounts is banned he will continue to operate with dozens of others or simply level up new ones but if agents don't take his bursters or buy his kit or take out enemy farms at his bidding with his bursters or build farms for him then he will (hopefully) fade away and the rest of us can go back to playing on site with our single accounts. Don't forget that the reason he supplies so much weaponry to agents is to ensure he has buyers for his eBay kit.

 I also have no doubt that I will now become a target of people saying I'm moaning and yeah, I am. Same as I would if I was playing football against a team with ten extra goalkeepers. Sure the opposition would win in the absence of a referee but that's not really playing football.
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