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Hi All,

I'm trying to generate an app specific password for Mac Mail and I'm receiving the following error, There was an error generating your app password. I've tried generating it several times but the error persists.

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#PIPO   #FeaturedMember : +Toni Dash 

#Website  - Boulder Locavore

I'm very excited to share Toni's site with you today. Toni is committed to eating locally based and seasonal foods, in fact in 2009 she took on the challenge to see if she could winter in Colorado and live only on produce and meat from a 100 mile radius. I admire her commitment and I'm envious - what an exciting journey!

Toni's site focuses on #glutenfree  (for medical reasons) but she also offers options for gluten eaters as well. 

Tony writes about various food topics such as food sources, both locally and internationally, seasonal recipes, food issues and, food artisans.

+Toni Dash - "I see food as a cultural currency never to be missed." 

Bite-Size Insalata Caprese

#Recipe  -

#glutenfreerecipes   #food   #foodies   #foodporn   #recipes   #recipesandmore   #seasonalrecipes   #seasonalfood   #glutenfreebaking   #glutenfreefoods     #pipocommunity  

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#PIPO   #FeaturedMember+Clara Gonzalez 

#Website  - Aunt Clara's Kitchen -

Sister site (Spanish) - La Cocina de Tia Clara -

Two friends, +Clara Gonzalez and +Ilana Benady take their passion for food and share their traditional Dominican and Dominican inspired recipes, home ideas, crafts and adventures.

Their first cookbook, Aunt Clara's Dominican Cookbook, was published in 2005 with the second edition introduced in 2007 (in English). You can purchase it here:

Beautiful photography, flavourful dishes and wonderful writing.

Couscous and Sun-Dried Tomatoes Tabouleh

#pipocommunity   #recipes   #foodies   #foodporn   #savoury   #couscous   #dinnerrecipes   #dominicanrecipes  

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