Google Author Rank

Did you know that one of the suspected Google author ranking factors will be who follows and engages with you?

Assuming for a minute this is true and one of the reasons you are using Google Plus is for business purposes, you will want to engage with those who have authority in your niche.

Using my niche for example ( #realestate ) You will want to engage with those who could be seen as authorities in the eyes of Google. Who would be considered an authority you wonder? Someone who consistently has their content shared and commented on would be a good place to start.

This is not to say that someone outside of your business who also has a high author ranking score would not be helping you if they shared and commented on your content. Quite the contrary! This is exactly what you want.

Using my favorite Google Plus Mogul +Mark Traphagen as an example - Mark is not in the Real Estate sector but certainly would be considered an authority in Google's eyes as his content is super popular.

Even though Mark is in the #socialmedia niche if he happens to share or comment on something I have written you can be certain this is a good thing!

So if you are here for business and want to be considered an authority yourself then engage with those you suspect already have some. Share their content, comment on their posts, give them a plus. BE A GIVER - NOT A TAKER. This is how great social media relationships are formed!

Eventually you may find you have gotten a few folks with authority following and engaging with you. Social media relationships are not typically made in one day.

You also need to remember that social media is not about selling or promoting yourself. Social media is about being social. Help others and I am sure they will help you! It is the formation of these relationships that can help your business and social media presence grow!

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