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Bill Gassett
Top producing Realtor building lasting relationships through Real Estate
Top producing Realtor building lasting relationships through Real Estate

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Smart Questions to Ask When Buying New Construction
Buying a new home is so much different than buying a re-sale!

It is imperative when buying new construction to ask the right questions. Oftentimes you will be having an extended relationship with a builder.

It is critical to understand the builders reputation and they way they do things upfront before ever signing a contract!

In the article, you will see some of the must ask questions that should always be asked when building a new home.

Take a look along with helpful contributions from +Michael Roberts Construction, llc +Kyle Hiscock +Wendy Weir +David O'Doherty, REALTOR® and others.

If you enjoy these questions please consider sharing the article socially.

#realestate #newconstruction #newhome  

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Realtors Guide to Northbridge Mass Real Estate
Are you thinking about making a more into the Northbridge Massachusetts area?

If so take a look at my newly published guide to the town and real estate at +Realty Times.

Learn about what makes Northbridge a special place to call home including affordability and a rich history.

Want to know about surround communities? Take a look at our other real estate and community guides referenced in the article.

#northbridge #massachusetts #realestate

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Killer Tips For Selling a Luxury Home
Do you want to learn some of the best tips and advice for selling a luxury home?

Take a look at the guide I just put together over at +Storify.

if you have never used Storify it is worth it just to see how great a site it is for content marketing.

You can take just about any resource on the internet and use it to create a story.

This is exactly what I have done with these tips for selling a luxury home.

Take a look and if you enjoy the concept, please consider sharing it socially.

#realestate #luxuryhomes

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40 Real Estate Social Media Accounts Worth Following
Who should you be following in your real estate social media accounts?
+Property Shark has put together a great list of people you should be following on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Youtube.

They have recognized me as one of the best to follow on Pinterest.

Pinterest is my #1 social media site for traffic back to my blog and it is not even close. I average over 6000 visits a month from Pinterest.

Take a look at the list and see if there are some folks you might want to follow.

If you enjoy the post, give it a share socially.

#realestate #socialmedia

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How to do Real Estate SEO
If you are a real estate blogger or any kind of blogger for that matter it is important to have a basic understanding of SEO.

Without know the basics of SEO you are giving up an incredible amount of search traffic.

The best real estate bloggers know how to do what it takes to be ranked at the top of search.

In his latest article, +Fireside SEO has done a great job of explaining how to increase the chances of your posts being ranked well.

Take a look at this excellent guide and share if you find helpful.

#realestate #seo

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Best Google+ Real Estate Articles February 2017
Each month we put together a compilation of some of the best real estate articles found on Google Plus each month.

For the month of February +Kyle Hiscock had the honor of putting together the round-up.

There are some really fantastic articles this month on topics that are sure to help buyers, sellers and real estate agents alike.

Featured real estate bloggers for February include: +DJ Morris, +Kevin Vitali, +Debbie Drummond, +Paul Sian, +Wendy Weir and +RESAAS | The Real Estate Social Network™.

There are also additional real estate round-ups featured as well which include +Luke Skar, +Anita Clark, +Shelly Moreau, +Ryan Fitzgerald, +Lynn Pineda and +Xavier De Buck.

Take a look at these really well written articles and if you enjoy give it a share socially.

#realestate #realestateadvice

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How to Sell a Home With Pets
Here is a kick ass article on how to sell a home with pets via +Xavier De Buck!

Not only is the article very well written but the graphics are priceless.

Will you be selling your home with some of your best friends in the coming months?

Take a look at the X mans top shelf advice along with helpful contributions from +Kyle Hiscock and +Paul Sian.

This is sure to be a classic article!

#realestate #pets

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11 Kick Ass Tips to Make Your Next Open House Sparkle!

Are you going to be having an open house in the near future?

Do you want to make your home stand out from the competition?

If so take a look at +DJ Morris latest article where he provides 11 killer tips to make your next open house ROCK!

Take a look at the great tips and if you enjoy the article, share it socially.

#realestate #staging

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Best Real Estate Articles January - February 2017
Want to read some really exceptional real estate content?

Take a look at this real estate round-up I just published over at +ActiveRain.

This compilations is loaded with some excellent content from some absolutely fantastic real estate bloggers including +Kyle Hiscock, +Kevin Vitali, +Lynn Pineda, and another round up via +Paul Sian that features even more bloggers!

Take a look and see what each of these great content providers has provided to kick off 2017!

if you enjoy the article, give it a share socially.


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Top Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Fail!
After having been in the business for over thirty years, I can say with certainty that +Kyle Hiscock article hits the nail on the head.

Real Estate agents fail in this business miserably for a lot of reasons.

Many unfortunately see it as easy money. What could be hard about selling a house right?

It is not until you get into the business that you begin to appreciate all the hard work it takes to make it.

Take a look at all the top reasons real estate agents fail to make it in this business.

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