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Business-oriented fortune seeker.
Business-oriented fortune seeker.

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Let's get right down to it. I'm extraordinarily disappointed with both +FedEx and +Google. I ordered a +Google Nexus 6P and it won't be delivered because of technicalities and stringent delivery terms set by both companies. The device was returned to Google's shipping center in Illinois, despite every attempt I made to retrieve the device from +FedEx after it wasn't delivered to its destination.

After a month's wait because the popularity of the device put it in a backorder status, the device is on its happy way back to the warehouse. A +Google representative told me I would have to order the device again and wait in line again. The phone was subsidized through the Project Fi program and it's looking increasingly likely that I will never experience this service due to a complete failure in reaching a resolution with either company.

It pains me to write this about either company as I have always held both companies in extremely high regard. If there is anyone at either +Google or +FedEx that can help me resolve this issue quickly and put this device in my hand, I'd be sure to praise any efforts put forth in equal or more measure in which I condemned.

Nexus 6P is ordered and on the way. I'm looking forward to using the Nexus line again.

I think it's pretty clear at this point that the iPhone 5S will not have a built-in fingerprint scanner. If it does, it will most likely be in the form of an onscreen virtual unlock feature. Thoughts anyone?

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Flatness. Incoming.

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I think it is pretty safe to say at this point the Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign was Canonical's self-imposed test to show manufacturers that there is significant interest in their OS, and their vision of the future of smartphones and computing at large. Thirty days was probably the longest they could fundraise, without running into any supply chain issues or timecrunchs concerning the mass production of an Ubuntu device had new manufacturers decided to give it a greenlight for release in the fall and early 2014. It was fun watching. Ubuntu may indeed come out of this trial more noticed and exposed as ever. We shall now see what the fall brings.

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Loaded elementary OS Luna onto my Dell Inspiron today. It has been some time since I've experimented with an OS that wasn't Canonical's creation. One thing is clear so far--elementary is fantastic.

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Wow. You could say it has hit the fan in Detroit, but the fan has probably already been liquidated.

From Politico:

Democratic corruption is so bad in Detroit, that it rivals the third world, said the Manhattan Institute’s Fred Siegel. “The depth of corruption and dysfunction is so fantastic, it’s gone so far past anything you can imagine, it’s so far that you might describe it as third-world dysfunction. There’s no need (for conservatives) to gin it up. It’s just right there. It’s there for the taking.”

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"The screen is still large enough to comfortably navigate." - CNET article referring to the size of the Moto X display.

Wow. Good to know that 4.7 inches is still large enough. The Galaxy S4 stretches to 5 inches. Onward to 6 inches I suppose. That might just do the trick before outfitting tablets to be phones.

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Catch is discontinuing service beginning August 30. Really enjoyed this service and hate to see it go. Another acquisition perhaps?

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A $5.99 Internet Modem Lease? Come on Time Warner. This is not how to win or retain customers in the 21st century. #timenickanddime
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