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Introducing ButterKnifeZelezny for Android

The ButterKnife library from +Jake Wharton is awesome! Save even more coding time with our Android Studio/IDEA plugin. It generates ButterKnife injections directly from XML layouts. 
More info:

Why 'Zelezny'?
Jan Železný is a famous Czech javelin thrower, Olympic champion and world record holder. With Zelezny's javelin, your butter knife will be much sharper!

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i want to know what's difference with AndroidAnnotation ?
+Jb Z: AndroidAnnotiation is big multipurpose library, this is one-purpose tool for similarly focused ButterKnife library.
i cant  do it work this plugin in android studio. i try to do the steps to download and instal and when i click on the layout reference and then generate i doesn't appear the butter Knife . any idea?
Sounds amazing. Question thou: is it possible to pre-configure the names to be just the lower case without the 'm' at the beginning? Not a fan of it.
Has anybody gotten this to work with the current version of Android Studio?  I've installed the plugin but I'm not seeing the option to generate Butterknife injections when I right click in my class.
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