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I'm this cat who...
I'm this cat who...


Oh hey, I'm posting something on google+ all these people are following me, so I guess I should validate them somehow. Feel validated, followers, totally validated. ;)

*Not a dick, just not a big user of social media
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We're really in the future now... Saturday night we were leaving a bar and headed to IHOP for some snacks, but we didn't know for sure where this particular IHOP we were going to was. I pulled out my phone and spoke "IHOP" and it pulled up the nearest IHOP and gave us directions... Fucking magic.
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Ok, I was just able to articulate why I don't like not knowing what circle I am put in by other people. At first I was thinking it was just me being self centered and nosy. It may be petty, but its a very human response that if I put someone in a close, tight circle, I want to see them put me in a similarly close circle. Not seeing where I get added prevents the internet drama of seeing that I was followed because they felt they had to, and put me in the circle of 'people I don't like but have to follow back.'

Not denying that's part of it, but--

Then I realized a more practical reason that this was bugging me. The whole concept of 'Circles' is great in that I can control my levels of privacy, and have groups of mutually exclusive friends that don't necessarily overlap. While I can control who sees posts that I create, and know who will be seeing comments in that thread (thread is a bit loose at this beta stage, I admit) that's not true when I'm commenting on other people's posts.

I can feel comfortable in something I start that only the 'appropriate' people will see what I'm saying. The problem is the reverse is just not true. If there's something I'm ok with saying to, say 5 people in one particular circle, if they started the post, I can't say it because I really don't want that comment to go to person 6 who may misinterpret it.

Circles are a great way to control the limits of that initial 'share', and to my understanding only other circlemembers participate, so the original author can be confident in who's seeing the response. The problem I have with the system is that subsequent participants in the conversation just don't know the extent to which they are sharing, and therefore must treat each response as 'public'.
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So I got this Google+ thing. I never used Facebook, so I have no idea how all this really works. I'm also curious how this circle thing will play out in real life. If I have a limited circle, how will conversations work (or not work) and is anyone really going to use this.
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