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Does anyone know why the version of chromium on Debian testing is frozen at 53, while stable and sid already have 55? Due to equivalent debian bug: I have to constantly click through "trust this site" monits. 

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I found quite interesting feature of python recently. Look at this code. Can You guess the output?
I think i know why this happens, but i found this quite suprising at the beginning ( and it caused annoying and hard to detect bug in my program).

Hi people.
Is this only my opinion, or it's quite hard to get into any kde-based project as a developer? I'm willing to learn Qt and QML on some real projects, but i found, that documentation for a lot of them is old and doesn't match current 5.x line. On plasma mobile there is no HIG, and no details about what is needed to be done. Have anyone considered moving the project or parts of it to public and open place like github? It would be super easy to contribute for people, that are not part of the team yet.

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Hiho! I have a problem with performance of my jCanvas app. I need to write a gomoku game for artificial intelligence course and I wanted to use html5's canvas element as a gui. I did some initial digging in jQuery's jCanvas plugin, but performance of my solution is just unacceptable, and I don't know why. What i'm trying to accomplish is to fade in squares at mouseover, to let know the player where the pawn will be placed. Here's the app :, javascript code at Anyone has some suggestions?

Hello everybody. I got some problems with file permissions. 
I have a file /sys/class/drm/card0/device/power_dpm_state, that is created by the system on startup, so permission changes won't last after a reboot. Only root can edit this file. What i did:
groupadd perf-applet
usermod -G perf-applet -a konstanty
chown root:perf-applet power_dpm_state
chmod g+rwx power_dpm_state

output of ls -la:
[rw-rwxr-  1 root perf-applet  power_dpm_state]

The user konstatnty still can not write into this file though: it says acces denied. Anyone knows what's happening?

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