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Andrew Pereira
Postgraduate student of English Literature, lives in Kollam, Kerala.
Postgraduate student of English Literature, lives in Kollam, Kerala.

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MEDIA MYTHS: The biased vilification of Ariel Sharon
Two days ago an article chronicling the “ruthless” legacy of former Israeli premier Ariel Sharon was published in one of the most prestigious newspapers in India. The author of the opinion piece is a renowned Marxist scholar currently based in Beirut. The a...

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Soccer, boycotts, racism and Israel
The United Arab Emirates deems itself as the
epitome of modernity among the largely conservative Islamic nations of
the Gulf region. It brags about tolerating a cosmopolitan culture and
society that is intolerant towards racism and boasts of a fresh

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The Lebanese conundrum
" Who cares???? Its boring now ", writes one Facebook user in a response to a BBC article about the bomb blast that ripped Beirut just three days ago. " Another day, another bombing, Middle east pffft, catch up and get out of the dark ages " and " what's wr...

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The tough, murky English terrain or the clear, exotic Spanish landscape
David Luiz Courtesy @Ben Sutherland Downloaded: David Luiz is at a crossroads in his career with two perplexing choices. The Chelsea defender can either accept the status quo or move on to greener turf. Luiz's career looked b...

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A Recipe for Stalling Peace Talks
It has been only a year
after  Operation Pillar of Defense  and war clouds have already
started to gather over Israel and the West Bank. There is growing chatter of
another upheaval - a potential third  Intifada.  The
spine-tingling accounts of violence and...
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