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torri dawes
hollllllllllllla at me? o___O
hollllllllllllla at me? o___O

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recently rooted my HTC Inspire 4G and it will randomly shut off signal and data. Is this normal?

glad to see that all my friends are switching to google+ [: maybe ill start using this more!

MAC or PC, hellllllpppppp
and reasons as to which is better would he helpful [: thankyou!

southern cali, where it never rains.

yayayaaaaaaa. someone hmu

by artists being on the radio, its not them selling out, its about them following their dream. wouldn't you do the same? 

folllllow me on twitter @torrridawes 

wishhhh my friends had google + n shit. 

ill take one shot for my pain, one drag for my sorrow, get messed up today, be okay tomorrrrroww. 

hi. im on Google plus 
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