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Words, English, Dictionary, OED, Grammar, Trivia, Lexicology, Semantics, Pedantry, Knowledge
Words, English, Dictionary, OED, Grammar, Trivia, Lexicology, Semantics, Pedantry, Knowledge

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Time for another rest!
Photo by Spirit-Fire Taking Some Zzzzzzzzzz's ... Lexicolatry (or, more accurately, me) is taking a little break for two weeks. Lexical geekery will resume on the 29th June 2015. Cheers! Eddie Email: Twitter: @Lexicolatry

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Emulate - The Imitation Game
BEWARE Children are master emulators. (photo by Jen Hampton Photography ) EMULATE Verb. Late 16th century. [F rom  Latin   aemulat-  'rivalled, equalled', from the verb  aemulari , from  aemulus  'rival'. ] 1 verb trans. Compete with; rival or equal in some...

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What's the Difference Between Empathy & Sympathy?
Crying Girl by Roy Liechtenstein What's the Difference Between Empathy & Sympathy? Empathy and sympathy are often used interchangeably in everyday English, which is a shame because there is a definite and very useful distinction between the two. If you're w...

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Why Is Ireland Called 'The Emerald Isle'?
Although they're found all over the world, no emeralds (so far) have been discovered in Ireland Photo by Michael Summers EMERALD Noun & adjective. Also emeraude obsolete.  Middle English. [Old French   e(s)meraud , ultimately via  Latin  from Greek ( s)mara...

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Embracive - Living the Hug Life
And now people are offering free hugs in public! It's just so brazen. (photo by Matthew G ) EMBRACIVE Adjective. Mid-19th century. [from embrace .] 1 Given to or fond of embracing. rare. M19 2 Embracing or tending to embrace all; inclusive. L19 We are livin...

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Elumbated - "Weakened in the Loins"
Elumbation can be caused by a number of activities, including getting kicked in the testicles during a gladiatorial contest. (photo by Sentex64 ) ELUMBATED Adjective. Now jocular . Rare.  Late 18th century. [from Latin elumbis having a dislocated hip (from ...

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Élite - The Best of the Best (Unless on Film)
Imperial Stormtroopers: Quite possibly the most useless Elite force in the universe ÉLITE Noun & adjective. Also elite . Late 18th century. [F rom French  élite  'selection, choice', from  élire  'to elect', from a variant of  Latin  eligere. ] A1 noun. The...

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Eldritch - The Weird and Beyond
Smiling Spider (1891) by Odilon Redon ELDRITCH Adjective. Originally Scottish. Early 16th century. [Origin uncertain: perhaps connected with ELF noun. ] Weird, ghostly, unnatural; hideous. The adjective eldritch calls to mind a number of otherworldy artists...

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Einfühlung - I'm Just Not Feeling It
Some German bloke. And I bet he's lovely. (photo by Miles Cave ) EINFÜHLUNG Noun. Early 20th century. [German, from ein- into + Fühlung  feeling.] Empathy. I'm going to word today's post very carefully. And let me start my stating that I love loanwords in E...

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Eejit - It's Anglo-Irish, Idiot
My guess is that  eejit was uttered many a time on this day (photo by Troy Bell ) EEJIT Noun. Dialectical. (chiefly Scots & Anglo-Irish ). Late 19th century. Idiot. I must admit, I'm a little bit disappointed with eejit . For a word I first heard when I cam...
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