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Ask your orthopedic surgeon: how do broken bones heal?

If you've ever had a broken bone, you probably got a cast, but do you know why? Learn some details behind how bones heal on our blog!

#JacksonvilleOrtho #OrthopedicDoctor

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Learn some of the myths (and the facts) behind orthopedic medicine!

You may have a few misconceptions about what exactly orthopedic medicine includes. Learn the truth behind the myths here!

#JacksonvilleOrtho #OrthopedicDoctors

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Ask a physical therapist: how much pressure is enough?

Although massage therapy requires the application of pressure to achieve its many benefits, there is such a thing as too much pressure. Learn more about why this is on our blog.

#PhysicalTherapy #SportsMedicine

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What does your orthopedic doctor want you to know?

Check out this post on our blog to learn what our orthopedic doctors would like you to know to help you recover better and faster.

#SportsMedicine #SportsInjuries

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Ask a spine specialist: does milk really help with developing strong bones?

Learn about the nutritional benefits of milk in this post on our blog!

#SpineCare #JacksonvilleOrtho #OrthopedicSpecialists

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Ask an ankle surgeon…

…how can you prevent ankle scar tissue? Learn how to keep your mobility high after an ankle injury with this post on our blog.

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When it comes to sports medicine...

...there are a few ways to prevent sports related injuries from happening. Read about them on our blog!

#PhysicalTherapy #JacksonvilleOrtho

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Ask a spine specialist: what are the symptoms of bulging discs?

You may have back pain that could be due to a bulging disc. Learn about this condition and how it's diagnosed on our blog.

#SpineCare #OrthopedicSurgeon #JacksonvilleOrtho

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What is regenerative medicine?

Although the title can sound like something out of science fiction, great advances in regenerative medicine have been made over the last few years. Learn more about it here!

#PhysicalMedicineAndRehabilitation #StemCellTherapy

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Here's a spine care tip for you: high heels could be causing back pain.

Learn the connection between high heels and back pain on our blog and how you can treat it on our blog.

#BackSurgery #JacksonvilleOrthopedic 
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