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So you're saying there may be a chance to one day have a port on an iPad? Okay... Probably not but its wishful thinking.
Your MacBook could one day save space by combining two ports into one.

"Combined Input Port," an Apple patent application published Thursday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, describes a way to unite a USB port and a memory card slot into a single unit.
Combining two ports with two different connectors poses a challenge. But the invention envisioned by Apple would vary the depth and position of the respective connectors, allowing for both a USB device and a memory card to be inserted.

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It would have been nice to have these features and iOS 7 out now (as we deploy ipads to all of our faculty & staff) but I'm still looking forward to these tools/options this fall.  If previous feature add-ons is any indication then +Cisco Meraki will be on board to quickly implement the MDM changes as well!

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should be a great hangout for EdTechies to attend
Join Kathy Schrock and faculty members of the Discovery Education/Wilkes University Instructional Media team as they share some of the best Summer Learnin' opportunities for you to take advantage of!  From MOOC's to EdCamps, classes and conferences, you'll discover exciting ways to keep the heat on throughout the coming months.  

Summer break provides an excellent opportunity to recharge the batteries, learn some new strategies and arrive back at school re-energized for the upcoming year.  Kathy and her panel of guests will share their personal 'todo' lists for the summer months and suggestions for making the most of your time away from the students.

Topics to include: 

Summer reading lists for those lazy days at the beach
Education conferences and gatherings, both face to face and virtual
New technologies to explore while taking a break from the heat
Online courses that provide inspiration through perspiration along with PD credit for re-certifcation
This webinar is brought to you by the Discovery Education Wilkes University Instructional Media Program. 
From Web 2.0 to digital storytelling and virtual field trips, the 21st century classroom has the power to engage and inspire today's tech savvy students. This degree provides teachers the tools, knowledge and strategies to be successful 21st century educators.

Program highlights include:
Convenient online learning
Tuition at $403 per credit
Deferred payment available
Classes held in seven-week sessions
Completion in less than two year
Registration is now open for Summer Session 2.  Deadline to apply is 6/19  

For more information, visit or call (800) WILKES-U (ext. 7841)

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nice straight and to the point article but I feel like a lot of this could be applied to any tablet and/or even a standard laptop.

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great resource/info on pilot programs, ipads, 1:1 in education and one of the clearer explanations of Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation Theory that I have read.

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personally I love running if walking isn't getting me somewhere fast enough but this is a cool invention that could possibly gain traction if the price is right and the public embraces it...

What Is Solowheel? #1

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is the touchscreen chromebook finally here (or close to it)?!?!
Google’s supposed Chromebook Pixel (and its touch display) stars in leaked video -

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since I've had more than a few ask me about GDrive on the iPad

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i love how seamless some of this is becoming... especially living on a chromebook!
Have you tried adding apps to Google Drive to help you get more stuff done? There are hundreds of handy ones to choose from, and now it’s even easier to browse for and add them to Drive. 

From the newly updated Create button, click on “Connect more apps” and you’ll be able to browse, search for, and add apps to Drive in one click. Give it a try, and let us know which apps are your favorites. 
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