Alright so my Malaysian journey has started already, here are some thoughts from pre-journey quick video. Check the video below.

So yeah, who am I you might ask, well that video answered a bit but you'll need a little more description, or more like what's this all about.

Exploding My Comfort Zone
So I travelled to Malaysia. First time in Asia, first time travelling away Finland home for longer time than a day. I know what you want to ask...


In short, perhaps. But like you heard in the video, it's all about comfort zones. I've lead a too safe live so far. Not only has it stripped me of experiences I could have had, it's also stripped me of social skills and the ability to handle foreign environments.

So in a sense, while there are other reasons too, the trip to Malaysia is all about stirring up those comfort zones, trying to revive those shriveled parts of my mind.

The best way of course would be to lean into one's comfort zones. Just bit by bit expand it by doing things that make you slightly uncomfortable consistently. And for the most part, that is how I do it too. If I want to increase my writing output, I'll increase my comfort zone of 750 words a day to a 1000 words a day, for example.

Toughest part about anything though is beating the initial inertia. My current comfort zone is talking to no people. So increasing that to one people is the toughest step in the way. What this kind of crazy challenge does, is that it kills all the inertia by taking it out of my hand. If I'm going to spend a month in Malaysia, I'm going to have to speak to people I don't know, constantly. I can just curl up in fetal position and keep texting home - trust me, I'd want to do it, but I can't.

So yeah, that is my reasoning. It also brings into play the concept of life momentum, but I'll talk about that in some other time. In short, I would think that this kind of thing springs me into a massive life momentum, that I just need to mantain to make large strides of growth as a character.

Thing is though that I don't know what will happen. I don't know if it will make or break me. So far... I'm as stressed out as a humming bird.

What ways you have exploded your comfort zone? How did it effect you?
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