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cupping, therapy, wet, fire, animal, human, alternative, massage, health, clinic, norwich Connecticut
cupping, therapy, wet, fire, animal, human, alternative, massage, health, clinic, norwich Connecticut

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Sister Fatima talks about real hijama and good hygiene.

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An important course to take for all those interested in authentic hijama therapy and training.

People governed by their egos and who have not received and ijaaza to perform cupping are using their imaginations and because they are "IN BUSINESS" they give the customer what they want. What do people want? More cups and more blood drawn, so they provide it and charge extra money to do so. WRONG WAY!!!!   Fire cupping automatically regulates the amount of suction on the cup and prevents over suction from occurring. It I not about how much blood you extract, it is about removing the toxins and if you will and energy.  BEWARE of people who do not have an Ijaaza and learned from a proper Master Teacher.
We will be having Hijama training courses all Summer long. FREE of charge so if you want to attend get in touch with us at or


The new suction method (plastic pump action cups) is DANGEROUS!  There are both physical and spiritual reasons to use fire while cupping. If you want to learn more you can take our FREE course, but for now we will just simply state the facts.  If you are going to someone who is using these new methods and not glass cups and fire, understand you are in danger of being harmed, not helped.  Yes, we will receive tons of flack for what we are saying but this is coming from an authorized source so heed or do not heed our warning but we have nonetheless given you the opportunity to know the truth.

OK, once and for all, let us put an end to the growing number of fraudulent "Hijama" practitioners entering the alternative medicine fold.  What differentiates Hijama with Cupping is the process by which you learn and are authorized to teach. The oriental countries have retained a much higher level of understanding about a student, master teacher relationship than do most Muslims, who should in fact know better. The respect for teaching is also higher and the respect for tradition is also higher in most cases.

So what is Ijaaza and why is it required to become a Hijama practitioner?

Ijaaza is the traditional manner in which students are vetted first and foremost for high character and morals. It is a system that identifies and authorizes CLEAN people to heal others. Without clean people their negative energy is transferred onto the patient and their ego takes control and they work for fame and money, not for the benefit of the patient. It is by far the most important aspect of training is to identify people who are spiritually clean and free from their ego.

Cupping is relatively easy to understand and learn, but CLEAN energy could take a lifetime to master. This is the biff difference between those with an authorized ijaaza under the wing of and authorized master, and those out to make a buck.

The free Hijama course we will be offering explains in some detail this aspect of training that most others offering CERTIFICATE programs are not even remotely aware of and are working for their own ego. If you are happy paying 1000 dollars to attend these CERTFICATE programs then welcome to you. But do not call yourself a Hijama practitioner you are only offering cupping.
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