My gluten story

9. Chron's

On a normal Thursday in March 2011, I received a call from my mother explaining that my dad is not feeling ok. She actually took up the phone to call me for this. I knew it must be bad. And upon arriving I could see it is terrible. He was not able to breath sitting. Vomiting all night and more. I called Emergency and we were told to wait for the doctor because it does not sound as emergency (he is still breathing yeah).

While waiting for doctor (4 hours), I was checking some of his medical papers from earlier that week. He went to hospital 5 days earlier and then seen his doctor on Tuesday because he was having bad ache in his stomach. As I was aware we might be having gluten issue in the family, I have entered some of the words from the medical papers and gluten in the Google search.

First page of results was full of the word: Mb Chron's dissease. It took Google 0,39 seconds to provide the results.

One day later, my father was in coma seriously poisoned. In 48 hours, doctors opened his stomach twice to find the issue. But all they found was some part of intestine being (not seriously) inflamed. We were told that his chances of survival are near to 0 because he has 2 sepsis and most of his organs stopped functioning (body reacts to sepsis with shutting down most of the vital organs, except brain). He was attached to every possible medical equipment I have ever seen.

On several occasions, I have asked doctors about what Google told me. Could it be Chron's dissease (or something like it)? No. That seemed practically impossible. And at the moment, to most of them, irrelevant since they were dealing with sepsis.

After some 30 days, his chances of survival went from near 0 to 0. Then after many talks, they invited gastroenterologist to take a sample of intestine. In his procedure report, he stated that it looks like Chron's dissease. On day 39 of his coma, they started treating him for Chron's after receiving confirmation on Chron's from laboratory. His situation started improving daily. Chances went from 0 to 10. After additional pneumonia or two of them, and after some 50 days of being near to dead, he opened his eyes.

Within next 6 months, doctors witnessed recovery that still looks impossible. From being almost dead, my father gained strength and is now as great as he ever was. As my father is.

What is here to learn

Trust your doctors. They fight for you and are doing it with great knowledge and experience behind them. And never do the tricks just on your own. But if your situation is bad and you are able to separate facts from fiction and something is very unussual, Google it. Put some keywords symptoms into the great machine and check the results. Consult the results. Be careful, but go for it. It might save you some days in coma.

Most of all, beware what you eat. Gluten, or some other substance, might be causing you lots of damage. Take control of your eating. Learn. Don't wait for coma.

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Diagnosing Mb. Chron's:

Google    ~   0.39 seconds.
DusanV   ~   39 minutes.
Doctors   ~   39 days.
This is the story about this diagnose.

About relationships between allergies, epilepsy, celiaky, Chron's, gluten and casein.
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