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Wow, 10 years just passed from the release of this epic video. :)

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So how was Dublin, actually? Windy. Smiling. Crowded. Happenn'in. Multicultural. Proud. Appealing. Funny. Colorful. Expensive. Artistic. Independent. Pubbery.

Damn, it was all it was supposed to be.

Thank you +Ireland for this experience.
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The cool thing about +Ireland? You get to visit Dalkey and have an awesome local guide +Eileen O'Duffy. Yes, after 2 weeks I finally got to edit few photos and reenjoy that wonderful afternoon. I think I'm coming back one day, already missing it.
Dalkey, Ireland
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The Boss is in the house :) 

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Glendalough, Ireland. Thanks for the reccomendation +Eileen O'Duffy. It was worth it. Lovely nature, relaxing. 
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These facts will make your day amazing. Trust me. :)

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So it looks like the Russians are having fun bombing Syria from different parts, now added Iran to this, Iran bases. The coalition are bombing parts of Syria. They are bombing ISIS and also civilians. The Assad regime is bombing, you know, cities and historic sites and civilians, with barrel bombings and all kind of weapons. The Iranians are bombing Syrians. So everyone is bombing Syrians.

Children are being mutilated and killed with barrel bombs and air missile bombs. Hospitals are targeted. Schools are targeted. Fruit markets are targeted. And historic sites, like the Old City of Aleppo, are being destroyed.

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I had an interesting talk few weeks ago with my friend who became a mother late (at 40). She had a normal career until now as well as her husband. And in our country we have a really extensive maternity leave, 12 months overall (1 month before the birth and 11 after), from which father and mother can split the period as they prefer. So actually we have a great system that each company must follow (pilot or cook the same).

Yet what she wondered was, how did we come to a world when we strongly believe that women should work? Or at least to a world where we believe that both parents should work to feel appreciated? We leave a 1 year old baby to kindergartens for 8 hours per day (or even more) and that feels normal. Because we must both work?

After a little talk we both came to conclusion that even our system (which is great comparing to US or some other countries) is crazy because people started believing we must all work and we can then see our 2 years old children for 2 hours before sleep. And that's enough because we must work on our careers?

Personally I have to say that her words really made me think. OK, perhaps I thought the same even before, our discussion just enforced this. When we say companies must enable us to work and take care of our children we are actually thinking the wrong way. We must start taking care of our children. At least 1 parent should be with their children 24 hours per day until the age of 3. That's when we would realize what we are actually working on.
It seems so very obvious to me...the solution. Everyone was born of the body of a woman. Don't punish women for their biology. Celebrate their biology instead. And their brains and talents and abilities, too. Make it possible for women in all careers, no matter how seemingly incompatible with motherhood (and, woe...breast pumping), to work, to thrive, to be productive, to be role models for their children, to work alongside men and other be fully participating members in this thing called life.

It seems so very obvious. After all, female birds fly!

So, since humans are now lucky enough to be able to fly, too, let's get it together for female pilots. Air travel will be the better for it.

It is obvious.

And while you're at it, a Conservative argument for paid family leave, from The Atlantic:

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New meaning to interactive video. Fantastic, take a look. 
This work is part of Abe Davis's PhD dissertation at MIT

Awesome !

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Way to do video about a destination. Besides amazing country, the way they produced this is inspiring.
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