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E. Kellogg Bed & Breakfast
Where To Stay in Wayne County, PA
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Had a great time at the Wayne County Fair again this year! 
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What a cool bee outfit and beautiful garden!

H/t to +Ben Zaitz

Dog Walking Outfit

My sister was in town this weekend and took this picture of me in my garden, dressed as per usual when walking the dog or working outside - my old beekeeper's suit.  Certain email groups have been clamoring for a current picture, so I had her take one, since she's all fancy-smancy with a smart phone with a gall-darned camera in it.

When walking the dog (pre-death of latest incarnation), mothers would scream for the kids to come inside, and people would cross the street to avoid me.  What a bunch of weirdos.  The PVC pipe is used for support and balance, to scare off attacking dogs and hooligans, and to pet cats - cats love the static charge it generates.

Missing are the usual additions of headphones - inside earmuffs when cold out - attached to the iPod playing podcasts, and gloves depending on the mosquito density or low temps.

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So sad the devastation that Hurrican Sandy imparted on the New Jersey shore last year. Well captured by +Annemarie Zaitz
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Thanks for the plus ones, +Annemarie Zaitz and +Bradley Horowitz!  
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Whoa - this is just crazy!

It is amazing that NYC is only 2 hours away from us here in Bethany, PA. 

Great capture by +Lisa Bettany
Extreme storm over Manhattan on Sept 8th, 2012 which resulted in two tornados on the edge of NYC. There were, however, no reported sightings of zombies or Batman.

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Have them in circles
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via +Stacy Frazer 

h/t to +Ben Zaitz 
Plant these flowers to help save bees 
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This happened at our establishment the other night. +Annemarie Zaitz please confirm. The nights are getting colder - that much is true! 
We had a fire earlier tonight. Nite all y'all.
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Spring is in full spring swing here in Pennsylvania! 

Have a great weekend everyone! 
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Pennsylvania in the winter time... beautiful! 

Great capture, +Annemarie Zaitz
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Fall is in the air in Wayne County, PA which means MUMS! 
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Super cool!

props to +Annemarie Zaitz for the story
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Welcome to the Google+ page for the E. Kellogg Bed & Breakfast

We are just north of historic Honesdale, PA in the beautiful village of Bethany. Built by Eliphalet Kellogg in 1815 as a country retreat, host Kathy Schloesser invites you to share in that pleasure. Come surround yourself in the wonders of Wayne County as you enjoy classic comfort and genuine hospitality. We also brew our own beer which we give away to interested guests. Cheers!
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Where To Stay in Wayne County, PA
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