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For all of those who talk about the whole "Google Plus is a ghost town" thing.... Yeah not really. 
Out of the major social networks, +Google+ has the second-highest number of young adult users in the U.S.: 
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Pesticides can kill your dog!!!

Sammi has Stage 3/4 lymphoma and somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-8 months to live at best. I could spend many thousands of dollars on chemo to buy her a few extra months, but given quality of life that doesn't seem like a viable option.
After researching this on the web, while there are breeds that are more predisposed to lymphoma, there are multiple studies linking pesticides like RoundUp, Weed B Gon, and commercial weedkillers used by most lawn services to increased risk of canine lymphoma. Dogs walk/lay in lawns/environments treated by these, and ingest them by licking themselves or absorbing them through their foot pads.
Unless you care more about weeds/dandelions than your dogs, DO NOT use these products in environments your dog will come in contact with.
BTW, they are linked to lymphomas and other cancers in humans as well...
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So, if Ingress is a product of Google... Why does it not support Google Play Games?

So... What happened to the bean flinger daydream from 4.1-3 now that it isn't Jelly Bean anymore? O.O

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Please help +Cruzerlite if you can. They just got ripped off and could use some help.
Dear +Aadi Krishna  and +Slickdeals 

Thank you for posting the coupon code on that I gave you on twitter. This promotion costs me nearly $28,000. We are a small company I am the only employee and have onetime part-time consultant. Thank you for robbing me of all of our operational income. Thank you to the kind soul who posted on the wiki and and the many people who e-mailed us. In three hours we had nearly $30,000 stolen from us. Thank you for exploiting us. You can help us by buying a case please do not return the case that you got from Amazon. Amazon not only charges us for the shipping but will charge us and charge us an additional restocking fee for the return. If you would like to help us please purchase one at regular price and this can I set our overall losses.

Joel Michael

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Is anyone able to sign into Play games in asphalt 7? I can't find the option. Am I doing something wrong?

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I love watching all of the iPhone users, who repeatedly told me to "buy an iPhone" whenever I broke something on my phone due to some form of hacking, squirm as all of their iPhones get broke from the IOS 7 update. 

I'm all like...
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I dislike the larger bezel on the bottom of the Nexus 5. I like what was done with the Moto X, how they made the bottom bezel size include the software buttons. Considering the fact that the software buttons take up screen and are essentially bezel, having a medium to large physical bezel + software buttons is just too much space wasted.

(All of this assuming the leaks are true. Which they almost ALWAYS are.)

Has anyone else played Reaper by Haxage? He claims there to be Play games integration but there doesn't seem to be any evidence to show that there is. Am I just doing it wrong?
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