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People talk about mercy for animals, rot in hell, poor animals, poor defenseless and cruelty
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Dhyan Atkinson
reviewed a month ago
I was horrified to see the video of your farm workers abusing the cows in their care. Why were you not supervising them? Do you ever have company meetings where policies and procedures are explained? Do you follow up? Why can't I find ANY statements from you expressing remorse and culpability? The actions of YOUR employees is beyond awful and sickening - your lack of supervision includes you in the blame.
Bennie Warshaw's profile photo
Bennie Warshaw
reviewed 3 months ago
YOU COULDN'T PAY ME 10 MILLION TO REMOVE THIS REVIEW! One of the most despicable videos I've ever saw. The problem is compounded by the lack of action NOT taken on the person who was caught abusing the animals. Why is Nestle, DiGiorno or Tyson allowed to run a torture factory for livestock and continue to thrive without penalty? This isn't a political screw up where people forget in a few months, this is permanent damage. All deserve to go out of business.
Nise Underwood's profile photo
Nise Underwood
reviewed 4 months ago
This company need to be put out of business. It is no way that they did not know of the abuse. It is apparent this has been happening for sometime, are they that far removed from the daily operations? They should be thankful this advocacy group brought this to their attention. Wiese Brothers should monitor themselves. I would like to know what other products beside the nasty pizza they are affiliated with, so that I know not to purchase. Can someone list all the products?
• • •
Tiffany Van Horn's profile photo
Tiffany Van Horn
reviewed 3 months ago
I was horrified to see how your animals were treated. The fact remains that this occurred on your farm under your direct care. It's unacceptable and disturbing to think that the mind set of employees in this setting feel as though these animals have no emotions, pain tolerance or fear and so they abuse them accordingly. It's a sick thought to know people like this exist and have control over other living beings lives. I thank Mercy for Animals or any organization for that matter that exposes the truth and filth behind the torture chambers these animals are subjected to on a daily basis. I hope your farm fails miserably after this horrific discovery, you most certainly deserve it!
• • •
Alicia Pederson's profile photo
Alicia Pederson
reviewed 4 months ago
Dear Wiese Brothers, Your farm entrusts the care of thousands of defenseless and beautiful creatures to a handful of poorly paid workers. Why would you not go out of your way to vet potential employees to avoid exposing your cows to sadists? What do you think of the argument that immigrant workers, often in economically and psychologically distressing situations, are more likely to take out their stress on the only creatures they have power over? Have you considered providing working conditions and compensation that would make your workers less likely to abuse animals? There is a growing market for humanely raised dairy. Cows raised in traditional pastoral environments, not in CAFOs. It would be an exciting turn-around story if your farm reinvented itself as a Wisconsin leader in dairy cow welfare and farm worker compensation.
• • •
Nadine J
reviewed 2 months ago
CLAIMING you do not know the animal abuse was occurring on your watch is UNACCEPTABLE. And your actions immediately where you fired two of the employees but essentially "kept" one of them away from animal duties just shows the lack of remorse for what happened to these poor animals. If you do not condone animal abuse then ALL OF THE EMPLOYEES RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ABUSE SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT! I sure hope you go out of business because you weren't "saddened" or sorry for what happened to these poor defenseless animals but that you were sorry you got caught!
• • •