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Extend Your Reach With the Power of Online Marketing
Extend Your Reach With the Power of Online Marketing

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If I read positive posts from other influencers, I will be more eager to promote you and “tell” my followers about you #InfluenceMarketing

Happy #FatTuesday, #MardiGras, #PancakesTuesday, either way, celebrate with Yum!

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Snapchat brand anxiety? This might help
Why would you even consider putting your time and effort into an app like Snapchat that
You don’t get it,
You feel it’s a kid’s thing,
You think it only lasts a few seconds and then it’s gone forever?

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Say it with a smile! "Emojis can build a personal connection and as they go beyond the younger generation nowadays, they serve as a new form of instant communication which usually adds the right context to each post."

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Here is our latest blog. Conversations with Chatbots -

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Interesting perspective. A beautifully illustrated guide for using modern digital marketing tools. A word of caution: you do get more exposure and better ROI with digital marketing as opposed to traditional, does take time. Expectations should be managed.

2017 Social media updates: #Golive for @twitter, #LiveVideo for @instagram, #GroupChats, #Shazam, #stickers, #Paintbrush in @Snapchat

2017 Social media updates: #Golive for @Twitter, #LiveVideo for Instagram, #GroupChats, #Shazam, #stickers, #Paintbrush in @Snapchat

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Now that the holiday season is upon us, it is good to take time from our busy schedules and reflect on our many blessings in our life – family, friends, health and well-being.
We want to wish you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful and prosperous New Year!
We hope you enjoy our Happy Holidays magazine. It's full of interesting ideas to keep you busy this holiday season.
Click on the link to read. It's best viewed on a mobile device

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.@PrimalEssenceEx launches their @Flipboard sales magazines. . #Flipmarketer, #Flipsales
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