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Issues with Expansion.
I have several expansion snippets that issue for the subject line of an email and then tab into the body of the email. The snippets also have fill-ins. They have recently begun putting all of the content in both the subject line and the body text. If I do not complete the fill in portion they seem to work fine. The snippet and some screen shots are below:
Evaluation of %filltext:name=Name% %key:tab%
I completed my evaluation of %filltext:name=field 1%. Krista will send over the note. Please let me know if you have any questions or want to schedule a call.

%fillpart:name=Referrals:default=yes%We have also faxed over any referrals and testing that I feel needs to be done at this time. The patient was given a copy of this as well. %fillpartend% Please send the office copies of any medical records that you have so that I can review them.

It also seems that your support system continues to think I am some evil spammer as I do not get any emails after trying to submit off the webpage
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Nobody likes the flu, but there are some specific risks if you have flu and asthma.
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